Human Resource Management: How to Conduct an Audit

human resource management audit

Human Resource Management: How to Conduct an Audit

To ensure your human resource management strategies are effective, you will need to conduct HR audits from time to time. A human resource management audit is a comprehensive review of HR policies, procedures and systems to determine what areas need to be improved. An HR audit also ensures that your company is compliant with the ever-changing and developing rules and regulations that govern human resource management.

Areas covered under a human resource management audit may include:

  • Hiring and integration
  • Employee relations
  • Compensation and rewards
  • Employee benefits
  • Termination and exit interviews
  • Personnel file review
  • Performance evaluations
  • Legal compliance

What you should know before conducting a human resource management audit

You may think that an HR audit might interfere with the everyday matters involved in running your business. However, an HR audit can lead to increased profit margins by helping to make your operations more efficient. HR audits allow you to identify what is working and what needs improvement. If you schedule periodic audits, the process will be less time consuming and less taxing. An HR audit, ideally, should be conducted by an external HR expert who does not have any personal biases regarding the outcome of the review.

How is an HR audit conducted?

Several evaluation perspectives can be used in your audit — the comparative approach, statistical approach, compliance approach and the management by objectives approach.

Using the comparative approach, you will need to evaluate your company against another company’s HR model. With the statistical approach, numerical values are used to measure performance while the compliance approach is used to ensure that your organization is abiding by the rules of the governing laws. In the management by objectives approach, you measure your employees’ performance against your organization’s goals.

Do you need help with an HR audit?

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