Four Key Benefits of Employee Policies and Why You Should Have Them

The four key benefits of employee policies are building blocks to success

Did you know not all employers have a comprehensive set of employee policies and procedures?

Some employers think that by following employment standards legislation, their bases are covered and they don’t need additional policies. While they may be safe when it comes to following employment law, these employers are missing out on the following key benefits that employee policies offer:

1. Set performance standards: Workplace policies and procedures set expectations for conduct and performance, removing any ambiguity that can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings later. Employers can also reference them if an employee falls short, making discipline and performance management a lot easier.

2. Level the playing field: Employee policies go a long way to ensuring equal treatment in the workplace. When everyone knows the rules, there are no hidden advantages, helping to eliminate bullying and power politics. Also, because policies cover all employees across an organization, expectations and consequences apply to one and all – no one receives special treatment.

3. Communicate corporate culture: Each codified standard conveys an organization’s values, giving employees insight into the corporate culture. Policies can help new hires to understand their work environment better and ease their assimilation.

4. Address social change: Evolving social mores and trends influence how employees work. Policies are living documents that can be altered to deal with these changes. For example, twenty years ago technology-related policies covered in-office computer use; today they have been expanded to include social media activity and personal devices. To ensure policies are up-to-date and addressing current workplace issues, they should undergo regular review.

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