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Are Your Compensation Packages Top Performer Material?

Are you looking to boost retention and build a steadfast team you can depend on? It might be time to take a closer look at how you allocate your compensation & reward packages. As one of the most important aspects of attracting and retaining the best candidates on the market, your compensation and benefits offerings should aim to show the value of joining your organization while also balancing your budget and protecting your bottom line.

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Keep Up With the Modern Workforce

Today’s workforce is incredibly driven by finding positions that not only offer fair compensation, but that give them the complete package that allows for a healthy work-life balance. To stand out and attract the top performers, you’ll need to know how to balance the needs of your employees and prospective employees, while also designing a pay structure that fits your organization’s culture and budget. From additional perks like flex-time, bonuses, and everything in between, a properly designed system should help attract, motivate and retain employees for many years to come.

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Partner with Pivot HR for your Compensation Needs

Need help putting your best foot forward to external candidates and meeting the needs of your current team? Pivot HR is here to help! Based in Vancouver and offering services primarily throughout British Columbia, as well as in Alberta and Ontario, our team is proud to partner with small and medium businesses and offer compensation and reward support by:

  • Conducting market research to see how your pay compares with industry standards
  • Performing job evaluations to review the jobs in your organization
  • Creating a job classification system
  • Developing pay grades and ranges for a revised or new base pay system
  • Using KPIs to develop an incentive pay program
  • Writing total compensation policies and procedures
  • Conducting a review of health benefits and perquisites

Attract and keep the talent you’ve always wanted by making sure your compensation and reward packages help you stand out among the crowd. Contact Pivot HR to learn more about designing the right packages for your needs today.


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