Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Building Stronger Teams, Together

Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever before, is your team ready to make sure everyone feels like they matter and belong?

Creating a workplace that is safe, inclusive and diverse has been shown time and time again to increase productivity, enhance creative problem solving, and lead to greater retention of high performers. Partnering with an experienced HR advisory team at Pivot HR allows your organization to implement some of the best practices in the diversity, inclusion and equity space.

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Experience the Difference

While it’s easy to think of diversity as simply hiring candidates regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, or religion, there’s so much more at work. Building a diverse environment means creating a team that’s supercharged and full of insights thanks to their unique cultural backgrounds, languages, educational and practical experience, and everything in between. The more you diversify your team, the more you equip your team to deal with an ever-changing marketplace full of customers looking for organizations that better connect with their unique experiences and values.

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Design Your Path to Success

With decades of experience behind our team members, Pivot HR Services will help you design and deliver a Diversity and Inclusion program that fits the needs of your organization by:

  • Conducting an assessment to determine your workplace needs – which may include a diversity and inclusion audit
  • Designing and delivering focus groups and/or surveys
  • Creating a written report outlining findings and recommendations from stakeholder input
  • Designing and delivering training workshops for Board of Directors, Executives, Management and Employees that covers unconscious biases, power and privilege, micro aggressions and affirmations, interventions, allyship and designing an inclusive workplace
  • Policy review and/or development
  • Implementing D&I initiatives that are custom built to your organization
  • Developing feedback mechanisms and reporting outcomes of the D&I program

Create the Team You Need!
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