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professional executive coaching

Pivot offers professional executive coaching services to professionals at all levels who seek to advance their leadership abilities and unlock their full potential.


What is Professional Coaching?

Professional coaching is a supportive relationship that empowers clients to strengthen their skills, solve problems, and achieve goals. A professional coach guides clients through a process of self-development to uncover their hidden potential. Clients can set multiple short-term and long-term goals that form the basis for reaching desired results.



Our Coaching Philosophy

At Pivot, we practice the Co-Active Model, an internationally-renowned coaching system supported by current scientific research. Our approach centres on cultivating clients’ own expertise and competency through powerful questioning balanced with mentoring and insightful feedback. Commonly-used tools to enhance coaching include personality and strengths assessments, a 360 performance feedback process, and focused action planning.



What Are the Benefits of Professional Executive Coaching? What Will You Gain?

Pivot’s professional executive coaching clients have gained many benefits that stand the test of time. Examples of success experienced by our coaching clients include:

  • Overcoming organizational and team challenges
  • Measurably improved performance
  • Increased career/personal fulfillment
  • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Improved ability to build resilience and avoid burn out
  • Successful career advancement
  • Improved communications and higher-quality relationships



Who Uses Professional Coaching?

Pivot provides professional executive coaching engagements with organizations across the private and public sectors. We have helped organizations develop their talent at all levels ranging from individual contributors and specialists to new supervisors, middle management, and senior executive leaders.

Our services also extend to professionals seeking to pursue coaching independent of their organizations. At Pivot we believe that coaching is for anyone who desires to reach a new level of career performance.


At Pivot, we have skilled professional coaches with proven expertise. If you would like to learn more about our coaching services, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.



“I find Robin to be an amazing listener, thoughtful human being and highly effective leadership coach. More times than not, I’ve gone into calls with Robin thinking we’ve got nothing to talk about and an hour later I left amazed at not only identifying something game-changing to discuss but also how to approach and tackle it like a pro.”


-D. MacLaren, Founder and CEO, MediaValet

“Working with Robin has been incredibly valuable for my continued development as a leader.  Robyn’s coaching style is highly effective and she has a great ability to connect and get straight to the key issues.  The outcomes have made a positive difference for me, my team and the corporate team.”

– N. Carley, General Manager, Metro Vancouver

“I’ve been working with Robin for almost a year and her coaching process has been fundamental to my professional development as well as personal growth. She is kind and non-judgmental making me feel comfortable with being vulnerable with her; Robin applies a holistic approach that improves all aspects of life, focusing on main areas of need. She uncovers root causes for concerns I bring forward and we work together on effective and easy to apply solutions for improvement. Since I started working with Robin, I feel way more positioned and happy in life and work and have improved my performance as a professional, family member, and member of the community.”

– J. D’Alessio, People and Culture Manager, Connective

“Robin is an intuitive and compassionate coach, counsellor, and confidante. During a major workplace transition, Robin helped me navigate the internal and external challenges I was facing, building my assertiveness and professionalism to establish myself at work as well as an examination and understanding of my intrinsic value as a person. Although the workplace was the setting for my challenges at the time, Robin felt like a counsellor for my overall wellbeing more than anything. Her focus on mindset and confidence began at the personal level and expanded into the areas I needed it. For me, this approach was perfectly balanced with validation and empathy for my experience and feelings. Robin is exceptional at meeting people where they’re at and pulling at the root issue beneath the stressors and emotions on the surface. I cannot recommend Robin and her coaching services enough to anyone in need of a confidence jump-start, support understanding and changing self-sabotaging patterns, or tools to navigate a stressful transition”.

– Emma S., Innovation Manager, BC Dairy

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