Why Small Businesses NEED HR Support

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If your small business is in the early stages of development or just starting to grow, it can be easy to think that you can forgo dedicated HR services for the time being. After all, HR is only for “bigger companies”, right? This is one of the most common misconceptions in today’s workforce, and, unfortunately, it’s one that can cost both you and your team dearly. While many small business owners are used to tackling most aspects of the job on their own, Human Resources is a vital part of keeping your business on track and ensuring you have a healthy foundation to grow in the future. Making sure you have the right guidance, expertise, and support on your side when it comes to HR helps to eliminate a significant source of stress for business owners, while also ensuring your employees have a happy, healthy environment at work.

At Pivot HR, we know just how much small business owners have on their shoulders and are proud to partner with your team to make sure you have the support you need when it comes to all things HR. From hiring and maintaining compliance with employment standards to handling workplace disputes, equipping your senior team member to lead efficiently and everything in between, Pivot’s team of HR experts are here to make sure you’re covered from A-Z!

Learn more about the benefits of partnering with an experienced HR consultancy like Pivot HR and common areas of assistance below!

Employment Regulation Guidance

Employment law can be tricky to navigate, especially in today’s ever-evolving workforce. Having a vetted set of best practices, as well as having access to an experienced team of professionals that know the most current standards and rules is essential when it comes to staying on the right side of the law and avoiding major issues for your business. In addition to advising on current regulations, Pivot HR can also help you stay on top of important protected employee information like resumes, educational and employment records, reviews and disciplinary documents, tax and medical records, and more. Working with an external HR firm gives you the peace of mind of knowing your information is in qualified hands and saves you the time of having to handle every little detail on your own.

Hiring and Retention

Expanding your team is one of the most exciting developments for a small business, but without the proper support, you can find yourself falling down an expensive rabbit hole. Partnering with a qualified team like Pivot can help you focus on who you need to hire, what you need to look for in candidates, and putting the right information out on the market to attract the right people to your positions. Pivot HR frequently helps businesses navigate the hiring process by:

  • Writing and reviewing job postings
  • Ad placements
  • Resume Review
  • Conducting interview and reference checks
  • Extending job offers, and more.

Once you select a candidate, we can also assist with the development of a vetted onboarding process that helps contribute to longer retention and faster team integration.

Training and Development

Regardless of whether you intend to stay a small business or have your eyes set on bigger horizons, knowing how to inspire and grow your team is essential for business sustainability and development. While many people associate HR with the “hiring and firing” part of the job, the truth is, our services go much deeper than opening and closing doors. We’re here to help you empower your team to grow alongside you through valuable resources like policy development, executive and leadership training and coaching, career planning, and more! Pivot believes in partnering with you, as well as your team to reach your goals together, as efficiently as possible!

Compensation and Benefits

One of the most important parts of your business is handling compensation and benefits matters. This can be particularly important for small businesses where mistakes can lead to costly fines and long-lasting headaches. HR consultants are here to help you navigate this area with care and to develop standards and practices that keep you, your staff, and regulatory boards happy. From timekeeping to payroll, employment taxes and everything in between, you can rest easy knowing we have you covered!

Accessible Advice

Running a small business isn’t easy, and questions or concerns rarely pop up at a convenient time. Instead of having to pour countless hours into resolving small (or big!) matters on your own, partnering with an HR firm like Pivot HR gives you readily available access to the advice you know you can trust when it matters most. No second-guessing, headaches or potential pitfalls needed!

Set Your Team Up for Success

Managing the many HR needs and requirements of a small business doesn’t have to be a headache. Based in Vancouver, BC, Pivot HR is pleased to offer businesses and organizations across Canada access to leading HR expertise and support across a wide range of matters including employment, workplace disputes, diversity and inclusion. Learn more about how we can help your small business succeed by contacting us today!

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