Why Human Resources Matters For Your Business or Organization

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Do you know the full value that HR brings to your business or organization?

While many people tend to associate Human Resources with handling complaints, dealing with hiring and firing, and various other incidental aspects of office life, there’s so much more to the field of HR than what the surface shows. At its core, HR is dedicated to creating and protecting a healthy, inclusive, atmosphere for everyone. From navigating employment legislation to ensuring team dynamics are balanced, and setting the groundwork for success in the future, partnering with the right HR professionals on your side is one of the biggest assets a business or organization can have on their side.

At Pivot HR, we know the value that the right Human Resources practices, policies, and training can bring to every aspect of our workplaces. Based in Vancouver BC, we’re proud to partner with teams across Canada to help your business or organization thrive today, tomorrow, and for the many years to come. Below, we’ll discuss just a few of the many ways that HR helps shape better workplaces. Read on to learn more!

Protect Your People

The heart of HR is rooted in making sure people feel valued and safe in the workplace. Partnering with an external human resources firm is a great way to make sure that you have the right foundation in place when it comes to taking care of your staff. HR Professionals are trained in key areas of cultural development and conflict management, and can help your company excel in the following areas:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

As one of the most important and increasingly focused on areas of team development, professionals like the team at Pivot HR can partner with your leadership, as well as with your organization as a whole to develop diversity and inclusion policies and procedures that make sure that everyone feels included and equal in the workplace.

Conflict Management

Different personalities, priorities, and perspectives mean that conflict is an eventuality in any business. With the right tools and procedures in place, navigating disagreements can become a healthy growth opportunity and leave everyone feeling valued.

Should you need to deal with a more severe issue like bullying and harassment, assault, or sexual harassment, your HR partner can also step into to assist with a thorough workplace investigation to resolve things appropriately.

Compensation and Rewards

Managing payroll as well as having a dedicated policy in place for raises, rewards and benefits is a key part of HR and team management. Partnering with an HR firm makes it much easier to stay on top of details, as well as to ensure your current structure is as finessed as possible.

Grow Your Business

Growing your company or organization can be tricky, but with the right HR guidance you can set yourself, as well as the whole team up for success. Pivot HR is happy to help your team navigate core hiring and termination procedures, streamline your onboarding, and with the creation or revision of existing policies and documentation methods as needed.

Sustainable Success

The only thing more important than growth for your organization is managing to maintain the positive culture and practices you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. Partnering with an experienced HR Consultancy makes it easy to stay on top with executive leadership training and coaching, dedicated seminar and skill workshops, assistance with evolving employment legislation, and everything in between. Working with a team like Pivot means you’ll always have peace of mind and the help you need when it matters most!

Partner With Pivot HR Today!

Navigating HR matters and ensuring your team has the support they need can be easy and hassle-free with the right external consultancy on your side! Pivot HR is pleased to offer businesses and organizations across Canada access to leading HR expertise and support across a wide range of matters including employment, workplace disputes, diversity and inclusion. Learn more about how we can help your small business succeed by contacting us today!


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