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workplace investigations

Workplace investigations are stressful for all members involved. For internal investigators in small businesses, remaining unbiased is exceptionally difficult. Perhaps the alleged perpetrator is a close colleague, or even a superior. In some circumstances, it is not feasible for the investigator to remain unbiased. That’s when businesses look to third-party human resources agencies, like Pivot HR, to outsource the investigation.

What are the benefits of bringing in an outside HR consultant to conduct a workplace investigation?

Unbiased Approach

When one of Pivot HR’s seasoned professionals visits a business to perform an investigation, we come in with an unbiased, open-minded approach focused on uncovering the truth. No personal relationships threaten to cloud the judgment of our investigators.

Internal investigations performed by a team member can have varying results due to unconscious bias, which are thoughts, opinions and stereotypes subconsciously formed and attributed to people. These biases can prevent individuals from finding the root cause of the issue.

Free from unconscious bias, Pivot HR’s team looks for objective facts that can be proven and substantiated by more than one person. We come in with a fresh lens focused on finding the truth of the situation.

Highly Experienced

Pivot HR has an incredible team of highly experienced human resource professionals. Workplace investigations are part of Pivot HR’s daily scope of work. We are constantly helping other businesses conduct and navigate successful investigations.

As experienced professionals, we know all the tricks of the trade. How to ask the right questions, read body language, discover the truth, and the ability to ease interviewee anxiety are all tools we bring to every investigation.

When businesses are looking to hire a workplace investigation consultant, choosing an agency that knows the ins and outs of human resources is essential. We know what to look for, the legality and liability of the accused’s actions, how to conduct confidential meetings, and how to resolve the conflict effectively with the right resources.

We Have the Time

Workplace investigations often take longer than expected. Sometimes, it only takes one brave person to report harassment/bullying in the workplace to open a whole can of worms that showcases historic bad behaviour.

The business still needs to operate daily, especially for small businesses that may not have a human resources department to conduct the investigation. Owners and managers simply do not have the time to conduct a proper investigation.

As hired HR consultants, we have nothing but time to conduct a thorough investigation properly. Some investigations only take 5 hours and are resolved within the workday; others can spiral into a months-long investigation. It depends on the severity of the situation, the person(s) accused, and the willingness of employees to speak up.

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