Unlocking Business Success: The Advantages of HR Consulting Services

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Small companies, like start-ups, often overlook the importance of having a dedicated Human Resources manager. Many factors affect this decision, whether there is a cost prohibitive or for organizational reasons. Or they believe their company would not benefit from having HR.

The advantage of HR consulting services is that business owners can decide what they want to focus on for their workplace. Partnering with Pivot HR Consulting Services is a cost-effective solution to filling the void of a vital team member.

Is an HR department necessary?

Does having an operating human resources department actually affect the workplace? The short answer is: yes, absolutely, it does. HR is there to manage the human aspect of running a business.

The HR department is more than hiring and firing or conducting serious workplace investigations. Human resources encapsulate the social management of employees, allowing business owners the freedom to focus on whatever they do best. HR is there to manage the human aspect of running a business.

Common HR Misconceptions

Many have the misconception that HR is an overhanging entity where only big, scary things happen in the workplace. That’s not at all true! The scope of HR is not only hiring and firing or conducting workplace investigations.

Many say the Human Resources department is for only one party: the employer or the employee. That’s not true! HR is a broad-spanning department that is there for the legal side of things and also for the team of employees.

HR is there for everything in the workplace. They are facilitators of resolution, not enforcers of arbitrary rules. It’s not just there for all of the “bad” things. Why hire an HR professional rather than training an internal member?

A trained HR professional understands the following:

  • HR Ethics & Morals: Well-versed in corporate compliance laws, HR professionals assist employers with navigating the often complex and confusing world of business ethics.
  • Fluent in Legalese: a trained HR professional should have a strong understanding of legal language and be able to translate it into layman’s terms.
  • Communication: they understand the nuances of navigating challenging situations professionally and objectively. However, communication means a lot of different things. HR professionals are not only fantastic communicators but are also savvy advisors to both employers and employees.
  • Up-to-Date: We stay current with the trends and shifts within HR, professional, and the clientele’s industry-specific trends.


The ROI on outsourcing your Human Resources department is excellent. In the long run, your business will save money by avoiding additional staffing and training costs of hiring an in-house HR professional. Additionally, having a functional HR department increases employee retention and satisfaction, saving the company the exorbitant fees of constantly hiring.

The backbone of a successful business is a robust and supportive HR management team. From policy creation and implementation to talent sourcing, hiring and employee retention, Pivot HR does it all at an affordable rate.

We know people; you know your business. If you are considering outsourcing your HR department, give us a call. Our team would love to hear from you!

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