Top 3 HR Consulting Needs for Private Toronto Businesses

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There has been a shift in Toronto’s hustle and bustle corporate culture. We are in a new era of business: mass resignations, supply chain issues, significant inflation and the cut-throat competition in hiring and retaining talent.

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Compensation and Benefits

The term “War for Talent” was coined by Steven Hanken in 1997, referring to the increased difficulty of attracting, retaining and developing the best employees. In 2023, this term is more prevalent than ever due to the Great Resignation two years ago. Employers struggle to entice and retain talent that will grow with the company.

Potential employees want to join a healthy corporate culture where they feel heard, respected and valued. First impressions are vital to setting the tone for a successful business relationship– if you want to hire top talent, be prepared to offer top-tier compensation and benefits.

Pivot HR is well aware of corporations’ difficulties in hiring and retaining valuable employees. We have watched the economic trends ebb and flow over the years. Our experienced team of HR professionals knows the tricks of the trade to create top-tier compensation packages that wow and impress potential and current employees.

The exceptional team of consultants at Pivot HR can assist your business in crafting the ideal compensation and benefits package that showcases the value of joining your organization– all while maintaining a balanced budget and protecting your bottom line.

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are tricky to navigate, especially in-house, when your company lacks a reliable human resources department. When leadership does not promptly address workplace conflict with appropriate consequences, the issues will only fester and worsen.

At Pivot HR, we perform workplace investigations on behalf of businesses every single day. We are experienced in navigating all types of workplace conflict, from sexual harassment, racism, discrimination, harassment and bullying. We are unbiased, third-party investigators who are only interested in getting to the truth.

Workplace investigations take up a lot of time. Some conflicts are minor enough to be resolved within one working day, whereas others may develop into complex investigations that span weeks or even months. Managers and leaders don’t have enough time in the day to conduct a proper investigation on top of their already busy schedules– but don’t worry, at Pivot HR, we have the time.

Corporate Training & Development Sessions

All businesses can benefit from properly designed, up-to-date training designed by licensed HR consultants. Pivot HR’s corporate training and development sessions are essential for establishing an internal growth mindset from the top down.

Many Toronto businesses are unionized, which adds a layer of difficulty for managers when addressing workplace conflict. Pivot HR offers training sessions for leaders wanting to get a better grasp on managing conflict in a unionized environment, which includes navigating collective agreements and knowing when to involve the union.

Pivot HR’s training sessions are highly specialized for the client to address whatever difficulties their business is currently facing. We offer comprehensive and interactive training, like Beyond the Pay Cheque: Designing your Compensation Strategy or Diversity Management: Inclusion and Respect in the Workplace.

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