Thinking of Conducting an HR Audit? Here’s What You Need to Know

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An HR Audit examines an organization’s human resources operation to provide a clear picture of how it’s functioning. A thorough audit will review all key HR activities and policies to identify any gaps, strengths, and make recommendations for improvement.

Reasons to conduct an HR Audit may include:

  • Identifying efficiencies
  • Ensuring compliance with employment legislation, administrative policy,
    and accrediting bodies
  • Establishing organizational best practices
  • Reporting to the Board, shareholders, and management

What is the audit process?

The audit process can be carried out expediently through a combination of interviewing key staff members and reviewing documents such as employee policies, handbooks,  recruitment guides, etc. Once the review period is complete, findings and recommendations for improvement are reported.

Recommended frequency

It’s a good idea to conduct an HR audit regularly, at least once every year. Many organizations have found them to be invaluable when developing their annual human resources strategies. HR audits are also recommended before an anticipated organizational change such as an amalgamation or expansion: this proactive measure will ensure correct processes and infrastructure are in place to accommodate an increased number of employees.

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