Tailored Succession: Executive Coaching for Vancouver Businesses

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Succession planning is a critical focus in many businesses across Canada right now because of the volume of people aging out of the workforce. More Canadians than ever are reaching their retirement years, and it’s time to pass off their Executive torch to the next generation.

In the upcoming years, many Canadian organizations must navigate the succession process of decades-long employees who are pillars of their business. Essential positions at all company levels will require a succession plan, and Pivot HR is prepared to help your Vancouver business navigate these transitions.

Keep reading to discover how Pivot HR’s Executive Coaching services align with succession planning.

Our Executive Coaching Philosophy

Pivot HR’s Executive Coaching services are based on the Co-Active Model, an internationally renowned coaching system backed by current scientific data. Our coaching philosophy focuses on cultivating the client’s expertise and competency by asking thought-provoking questions, providing insightful feedback and collaborative mentorship.

Tools Used in Executive Coaching for Succession:

  • Dialogue-focused and client-driven approach
  • Improvement-focused action plans
  • 360 Performance Feedback
  • Tools to highlight gaps in development, like personality and strength assessments

Tailored Executive Coaching for Specific Succession Needs

No two people are alike, and neither is Pivot HR’s executive coaching sessions. We tailor our coaching to address the individuals’ specific needs and prepare them for what their next role requires.

Potential coaching areas include:

  • Leadership training for career advancement
  • Improved communication & higher-quality relationship building
  • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Overcoming organizational and team challenges
  • Developing resiliency and avoiding burnout
  • Measuring KPIs for enhanced performance

Executive coaching allows succession candidates to hone their skills and showcase their willingness to learn, improve, and take accountability. These are all highly desirable traits for a successful leader and an ideal succession candidate.

Overcoming Common Roadblocks in Succession Planning

Succession planning can be an emotionally charged time, especially for C-suite executives who have been in a position for decades. There are many reasons why the transition would be difficult, and it’s a delicate balance to find the right fit that satisfies the needs of the business and the team.

The people leaving may have no interest in passing on their legacy, knowledge, and skills to the next generation, or they’ve wholly disengaged from the business and are already in retirement mode. Maybe they’re reluctant to pass on information because they worry the successor will outperform them. Whatever the case, the transition of power is not always easy.

Time Constraints Cause Roadblocks

Not all businesses properly prepare for a long-term employee’s succession and are left scrambling to find a suitable replacement before they retire. Time constraints are a significant factor in a successful transition of roles.

The successor must balance their existing job while training for the new, likely more prominent role and find the time for professional development sessions! Time is not always on our side, and Pivot HR’s consultant will help their client navigate the careful balancing act of transitioning roles.

Ready to Unveil Your Professional Potential?

Whether you’re already a succession candidate or are interested in tossing your name into the ring, executive coaching is the step you need to take to stand out. Pivot HR Services’ team of exceptional human resource specialists is here to help Vancouver professionals reach their full potential.

Contact Pivot HR today for a free consultation about executive coaching.

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