Introducing Tailored Gatherings

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Let’s face it, it’s easy to feel lonely and isolated in a virtual environment, even if you’re surrounded by your partner or kids running around your home office. In a recent remote work study, 46% of respondents reported feeling isolated from their team, with almost half admitting that its harder to build relationships with co-workers.


Now more than ever do we need to create opportunities for our teams to take a step back from their workloads and engage with one another.


We recognize that nurturing culture in the workplace is hard, and doing so during a pandemic might feel like an impossible task. So that’s where we come in.  In partnership with our good friends over at Move Forward, we are reimagining the power of traditional workplace retreats to build tighter bonds, empathy, and alignment in a virtual world with our Tailored Gatherings.

Let our People & Culture leaders, facilitators and coaches work with your leadership teams to design an experience specific to the needs and goals of your company and culture.  Our carefully designed gatherings include:

  • Design session with the leadership team to uncover and refine purpose and desired outcomes
  • Source potential add-on services (e.g., gifts, prizes, special guests), and propose an agenda
  • In-house expert facilitation of:
    • A variety of soft skill and/or leadership development sessions
    • Team-building activities
    • Strategic planning
    • Participative feedback and design sessions on culture, values or strategy
  • Dynamic hosting, coordination and communications support

Organizational culture doesn’t need to involve water cooler chats and awkward team-building activities in stale conference rooms. Learn more about our unique approach to virtual retreats and plan your next Tailored Gathering by contacting us today!

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