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The new year is here, and with the chaos and challenges we’ve had to endure, it’s time to focus on the future and make sure that 2022 is a year of transformation for both yourself and your entire organization. Executive coaching can be a fantastic way to improve upon your existing skillset, address any challenges, and set yourself up for success down the line. At Pivot HR, we know the value of making sure your team members have the resources they need to grow and develop in the future. Based in Vancouver, BC, our team is proud to partner with organizations in both the private and public sectors to support your HR needs, including team development, conflict resolution and more. Below, we’ll cover some of the core benefits you can expect to gain from executive coaching, as well as take a closer look at what it entails. Read on to learn more!

What is Executive Coaching

Executive coaching, also occasionally referred to as leadership coaching, generally involves partnering an employee (typically an executive or someone in a senior managerial role), with a trained coaching expert to focus on developing a plan for growth and sustained success in the long term. Executive coaching can cover a wide range of topics and goals and will vary depending on the individual involved, as well as the overall objectives of both the individual and their organization. As a whole, the main purpose of executive coaching is to help your employees recognize and embody their full potential, allowing your company to reap the benefits in return. When partnered with a skilled professional such as the team at Pivot HR, you can expect to see significant growth and improvement amongst your team members, allowing everyone to win and succeed for the future!

Specific benefits of executive coaching include:

Increased Motivation

Whether you’ve been feeling a little burned out, or have observed a team member that needs a little boost to get them where you need them to be in the new year, executive coaching is a phenomenal way to get everyone’s creative juices flowing and help them reconnect with their purpose. Executive coaches excel when it comes to helping their clients find and create meaning to their actions, allowing them to see the rewards in what they do and motivating them to push forward for more personal and professional fulfillment down the line.


Let’s be honest: we all get in our own way sometimes without realizing it. Coaching is a great way to work through certain challenges that may be holding you back and to become more aware of your own actions (or inaction), as well as how you may be perceived by others. Whether you’ve gone through a period where workplace conflict has increased or you simply want to ensure you’re more grounded and tuned into your environment, coaching is a great way to get new perspectives on who you are being at work and how you are showing up as a leader.

Situational and Interpersonal Awareness

Similar to above, working with a coach can help you further your self-awareness and learn how to think empathetically while in a business environment. Empathy is a key part of relating to team members, as well as customers, and learning how to hone this ability is an invaluable asset to every team. From defusing tension to knowing how to support team members through daily challenges, situational and interpersonal awareness is key in every workplace.


If we want to lead effectively, the first person we need to examine closely is ourselves. Partnering with an executive coach will help you uncover your leadership style, identify any gaps, discern the best approach for your specific circumstance and build tangible plans to move forward as confidently as possible.

Inspiration Through Action

Finally, executive coaching isn’t just about how it affects the individual involved. Empowering members of your team helps to show employees that your organization is willing to invest in sustained development and is committed to the continual improvement of the team. When everyone is motivated to push for more, you’ll be amazed just how quickly your organization can succeed!

Executive Training with Pivot HR

Pivot HR is proud to offer leading coaching services for both businesses, as well as not-for-profit and charitable organizations across Canada. Our team is here to provide valuable insights, reliable information, and to partner with you to find a clear path forward for all your HR needs. Learn more about our executive leadership training by contacting us today!

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