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Go From Startup to Market Leader With Pivot HR

Is your startup ready to make some major moves and shoot for the big leagues? At Pivot HR, we salute the many small business and innovative startup owners across Canada and are no strangers to the many challenges that come with forging your path in today’s market. We know that going from startup to major market contender takes serious commitment, and plenty of guidance along the way.

As a skilled HR consultancy that assists small/medium as well as larger businesses and organizations across Canada lay a foundation of success, we know what it takes to get everything in alignment and avoid legal pitfalls along the way. If you’re looking to size up, restructure, and make a serious push for long-term sustainable growth, we’re here to help you succeed in 2023 and beyond!

Below, we’ll discuss 4 key tips for Startups in Canada to keep in mind as you continue to grow. Read on to learn more!

Processes and Policies are Your Guiding Force

Ambiguity and a lack of structure are two of the most destructive forces within any business or organization, but this is especially true when you’re a start-up. While it’s easy to get caught up in the countless other details you’re facing, you need to prioritize the development of policies and processes for things like hiring, onboarding, company culture, disciplinary measures, benefits and compensation, and more. Don’t fall into the trap that so many fledgling businesses get caught up in and think you’ll be able to “deal with it later”; as soon as you begin growing your team or taking significant steps forward, you need to get an HR professional involved.

Culture and Vision
Once you’ve hired a stable team, you’ll need to ensure you’re able to keep a solid foundation by creating a healthy, inclusive and productive atmosphere for everyone to coexist in. Defining the core “people and community” values of your business or organization can be tricky at first, but will play a big role in helping form your overall identity as an entity both internally and externally. Partnering with an HR firm like Pivot is a great way to get guidance in the early days of business building, as well as when your growth accelerates, circumstances change drastically, or when you’ve matured to the next level.

Continued Investments

Your team is one of the biggest parts of any organization, and once you hire your all-stars, it’s time to put them on the path to continued success. For those looking to build the best foundation for long-term success, it’s worth considering resources like executive and leadership training to help internal leaders grow.

Be Proactive

Remember how we said it’s easy to put HR on the back burner? This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, and failing to prioritize human resources can cost you greatly when it comes to liability and exposure. With the right tools, processes and plans in place, your entire team can flourish, avoid legal missteps and move forward confidently.

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If your startup is poised to grow, you need HR help you can trust. Pivot HR has you covered, and offers a wide range of HR services, including hiring support, conflict resolution, coaching and more. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with your startup!

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