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Are you on the hunt for a vetted HR partner you can trust to help you navigate the ups and downs of today’s changing legal landscape and help your team lay the groundwork for success? At Pivot HR, we know that Human Resources can be a strain on both businesses as well as corporations, especially as you recenter in the wake of the pandemic. We’re proud to partner with clients from across the nation to help you build a solid foundation that carries your team forward. From addressing workplace conflict to proactive planning and development, we have you covered. Our team of HR professionals knows the value of partnering with a skilled HR consultancy and are here to make your day-to-day operations streamlined. Learn more about the benefits of working with an external HR firm like Pivot HR below!

Your Needs Covered Under One Roof

It’s no secret that HR is an incredibly diverse field covering a wide range of topics and issues including employment law, workplace culture, hiring and firing, and more. The simple reality for many businesses and organizations across Canada today is that maintaining an in-house department is far too expensive and inefficient, whereas an external consultant can provide you with the objective coverage you need when it matters most. While HR consultants vary greatly in the range of services offered, many, including Pivot HR, are involved in assisting with recruiting and onboarding, conflict management, bullying and harassment, policy consultation and more.

Common areas to work with an external firm for include:

Developing Plans and Future Growth Paths

Many businesses and organizations think of HR as a reactive discipline, much to their detriment. Human Resources certainly does guide how we respond to conflict and needs in the workplace, but savvy owners and leaders know that in order to win in the long term, you need to start planning for the future today. Pivot HR can partner with you to conduct a workplace audit and determine where you need to focus as you grow, including identifying potential issues and developing onboarding/coaching programs that are designed to help your staff excel.

Process Design in Place

Whether you’re in the private, public, or non-profit sector, we all know how important it is to have a well-oil machine backing your vision. Processes are essential when it comes to success, and HR consultants can help you develop custom ways of managing your operations, as well as your people to streamline day-to-day matters, as well as future details with ease.

Policy Development

Canadian employment law is always evolving, and to stay on top of growing your business, you need to have the best policies and practices in place Pivot HR will work with your team to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of existing routines, techniques and policies to create a strong foundation for the long term.

And Much More

Human Resources is the oft-under sung backbone of any organization, and a skilled HR firm will be able to tailor their services to help you with essential operational matters and issues like:

  • Applicant screening
  • Employment Contract Negotiations
  • Compensation & Recognition Statements
  • Conflict Management support
  • In-person and remote onboarding
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Terminations, and more.

As your constant source of support and information, external firms like Pivot HR remove stress, increase compliance and streamline operations for a seamless experience that allows you to excel in your industry!

Pivot for Success Today!

Partnering with a skilled HR consultant can make a significant difference to your workforce and empower your team to achieve like never before. Partner with Pivot HR today and learn how we can help you transform your business model for good. Contact us now!

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