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Human Resources can be a tricky field for small and medium businesses, as well as non-profit organizations to navigate in today’s world, especially without the resources to develop a dedicated in-house team. In fact, for many organizations and corporations alike, the simple reality of operating costs in Vancouver often mean having to run with a slimmer team and outsource legal and HR matters to vetted professionals. Partnering with a skilled HR consultancy not only helps you stay on track with all necessary regulations, but makes it much easier to handle difficult day-to-day matters like hiring (and terminating) employees, handling workplace conflict, developing training resources, executive coaching, and more. The end result of working with a vetted HR firm is peace of mind, enhanced efficiency, and confidence moving forward.

Pivot HR is proud to partner with businesses, organizations, and non-for-profits, throughout the Greater Vancouver Region, as well as across Canada, to provide HR advice and services you can count on. If you’ve been wondering if it’s time to take that next step and form an outside partnership with an HR firm, below, we’ll explore some of the main benefits you can expect to find! Read on to learn more!

What is HR Consulting

If you’re unsure of what HR consulting involves, you’re not alone. As a field, human resources is so immensely broad that the reality is, it covers a wide range of topics, challenges, and business activities that need to be addressed. HR consultants vary greatly in their scope of services offered, but many, including Pivot HR, are involved in assisting with recruiting and onboarding, conflict management, bullying and harassment, policy consultation and more.

To boil things down into simpler terms; the goal of an HR Consultant is to assist clients with the identification of their HR needs, work alongside them to develop a plan of attack and procedure that addresses these needs and assist with implementation where necessary.

Areas Covered

As we’ve mentioned above, HR is an incredibly diverse field. As such, you can expect consultancies to vary depending on their area of expertise and your specific needs. With that being said, HR involves much more than the standard “hiring and firing” that many tend to associate with us, and often focuses on assisting clients with:

Building Plans & Programs

No two businesses or organizations are alike, and this means that your human resource needs are understandably different compared to anyone else. Pivot HR can partner with you to conduct a workplace audit geared towards finding areas where you excel, as well as where you may need some assistance and create a custom plan designed to bring efficiency and cohesion to your workplace.

Putting Processes in Place

Progress is the true marker of success when it comes to so many things in the business or non-profit world, and HR matters are certainly no exception. Once you have a plan in place to build for the future, you’ll need a process to help you find the path forward. Pivot’s experts will work closely with you to make sure you know exactly what to do to stay the course.

Policies & Practices

Similar to above, policies act as your guiding compass as you move forward and help to ensure proper documentation as well as resolution. We’ll help you create and revise existing policies that are right for your team as well as your objectives for the future. From there, our team will partner with yours to decide what kinds of practices should be implemented and how to share them with your team so everyone is on the same page.

This is only a brief overview of what your HR consultants can offer you, alongside additional areas of expertise including:

  • Applicant screening
  • Employment Contract Negotiations
  • Compensation & Recognition Statements
  • Conflict Management support
  • In-person and remote onboarding
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Terminations, and more.

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Partnering with a skilled HR consultant can make a significant difference to your workforce and empower your team to fully realize their potential. Partner with Pivot HR today and learn how we can help you transform your business model for good. Contact us now!

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