Making the Most Out of Pivot HR’s Anti-Bullying & Harassment Training

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The bullies represented in film and television are often boisterous, overly domineering and in a position of power. Most of the bullies in the media are easy to spot because of their tactless aggression and cruelty. Unfortunately, real-life bullies tend to choose a subtler approach, especially in the workplace.

Pivot HR Services provides comprehensive and collaborative Anti-Bullying and Harassment training to organizations across Canada. The training is customized to the client’s specific needs and areas of concern, but it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the training sticks.

Keep reading for Pivot HR’s advice on keeping your workplace safe and bully-free.

Measurable Outcomes of Pivot HR’s Training Includes:

  • Providing respectful workplace training
  • Policy review and/or development
  • Recommendations of preventative actions to prevent bullying & harassment
  • Quickly responding to formal complaints and conducting workplace investigations
  • Facilitating interpersonal conflict resolution in the workplace
  • One-on-one or group coaching

Clearly Defining Bullying & Harassment in the Employee Handbook

A business’s first line of defence in developing a safe workplace is providing a crystal clear definition of bullying and harassment in the company handbook. Accessible and explicit definitions add a layer of safety for employees, especially when issuing a formal complaint to management.

WorkSafeBC defines bullying and harassment as “verbal aggression, personal attacks and other intimidating or humiliating behaviours.” Examples of hurtful behaviour include insults, harmful hazing, calling someone derogatory names, vandalizing personal belongings and spreading malicious rumours.

Regularly Reviewing and Enforcing Policies & Procedures

Along with Pivot HR’s comprehensive training, our specialists work with leadership to pop the hood on the business’s existing policies and procedures. These should be regularly reviewed to accurately reflect the current workforce, especially when an organization is consistently growing.

Whether it’s a total policy overhaul, development of new policies, or some minor edits, annual revisions are critical to ensuring leadership and employee accountability year after year.

Yearly Training for Preventative Maintenance

When a business has scheduled yearly Anti-Bullying and Harassment training, it keeps the topic at the top of mind for employees, both old and new. Consistent and ongoing training effectively addresses the workplace’s current issues without targeting individuals specifically.

Pivot HR’s Anti-Bullying & Harassment training is customizable to each business, and we tailor the training sessions to address whatever may be causing roadblocks. Yearly training demonstrates to staff that the company and leadership have zero tolerance for bullying and harassment. It encourages open dialogue and conversation around an incredibly polarizing topic, therefore developing a psychologically safe workplace.

Does Your Workplace Need Anti-Bullying & Harassment Training?

Over 70% of working Canadians have experienced a form of bullying, harassment or violence at their place of work; this is a serious issue plaguing Canadian businesses. In provinces like British Columbia, anti-bullying and harassment training is mandatory for all businesses, including written policies and procedures in the company handbook.

Pivot HR Services offers in-person workplace training for Vancouver and Toronto businesses and remote training services for organizations across Canada. Our team of highly experienced Human Resources professionals is here to help Canadian companies cultivate psychologically safe and respectful workplaces.

Is your workplace struggling with bullying and harassment? Contact Pivot HR today for a free consultation.

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