Is it Time to Swap the Remote for a Professional Coach?

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If you’ve spent the last 8 weeks binge-watching Netflix, you’re certainly not alone.  Like many, you’ve either blown through the entire season of Tiger King, or if you have kids, watched Disney’s Frozen 2for the one millionth time. And while re-watching your favourite shows and movies may help calm feelings of isolation, what if you could use this time for something that could make your life better?

You may find in the wake of this pandemic that you have available time to focus on your own personal and professional growth.

Now, imagine yourself looking back in a few years and knowing that you used this time to position yourself for future success.  If this thought fills you with excitement and possibility, it might just be the right time to hire a professional coach.


What is Professional Coaching?

Professional coaching is a supportive relationship that empowers you to strengthen your skills, solve problems, and achieve your goals. In essence, a professional coach guides you through a transformative process of self-development to uncover your hidden potential – both in your career and personal life.  New insights begin within the coaching sessions and continue with the work done between sessions.

This process nurtures your own expertise and competencies by balancing powerful questioning with structured exercises to deepen your insights, as well as leading to the creation of actions and accountabilities to reach your desired results.


How does it Work?

At Pivot, we practice the Co-Active Model, an internationally renowned and accredited coaching approach, which addresses the full human experience in the coaching process. Our professional coaches have been trained at The Co-Active Training Institute – the largest experiential coach training and leadership development institution in the world.

Our style of coaching empowers you to make great strides in your thinking and behaviours and often leads to accelerating your career trajectory at a pace you otherwise could not achieve on your own. Coaching sessions will often use tools including personality and strengths assessments, 360- performance feedback and focused action planning.


What Will You Gain?

Professional coaching has many benefits that stand the test of time. Here are some examples of success you will gain:

  • Increased career and personal fulfillment
  • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Measurably improved performance
  • Overcoming organizational and team challenges
  • Improved ability to build resilience and avoid burn out
  • Improved communications and higher-quality relationships
  • Successful career advancement

Professional coaching not only helps develop your path towards career success, it also directly applies to your personal life. In fact, you may notice that your relationships improve with better communication and understanding. Most importantly, you’ll be able to better identify and visualize what you want out of your life – with the ability to achieve it!


If you would like to learn more about our coaching services, please contact us at Our skilled and professional coaches would be happy to set up an introductory call to discuss your needs and explain our services in more detail.


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