Practicing inclusive leadership in times of crisis

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It is said that challenges are not problems but solutions waiting to be discovered.

With the world experiencing the coronavirus pandemic, many persons have been forced to change their status quo. Life as they know it has ended and a new normal has taken its place. Organizational leaders now have the charge of relearning and restructuring their organizations to suit the new way of doing business while including their staff in the process, by utilizing inclusive leadership.

What is inclusive leadership?

Inclusive leadership is an approach used by the leaders of an organization to ensure a diverse workplace where employees of all backgrounds feel counted and involved in the overall success of the business. Research has shown that companies that practice an inclusive leadership approach not only survive but thrive, as their employees are more inclined to go the extra mile, openly share their thoughts and feelings and collaborate to push the company forward. Therefore, during these times of incertitude and peril, inclusive leadership is the way to go.

What does inclusive leadership look like?

There are a few key aspects of inclusive leadership:


Self-awareness allows leaders to identify and acknowledge both personal and organizational strengths and weaknesses. Leaders who are self-aware will seek to mitigate individual and corporate biases towards employees, resulting in employees feeling free to voice concerns and being more open to aligning to the company’s policies and vision.

Notable commitment

During times of crisis, it is crucial that leaders demonstrate a commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all workers. An organization that takes the time to know their staff will be more suited to make plans and implement measures to better serve them and ensure optimum productivity.

Genuine concern

Whereas the privacy of each employee must be respected, leaders should show genuine concern for their employees. Underlying health conditions, family set-up, and financial capabilities are all important matters to be considered. Knowledge of employees’ challenges can allow leaders to determine the accommodations that need to be made for each employee during the pandemic. Showing genuine concern for your employees will result in a flourishing symbiotic relationship.

Embracing inclusive leadership

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