If it’s the Great Resignation, what is the Great Response?

We are hearing time and again that people are mass exiting organizations in light of the pandemic. People have taken time to reflect on what really matters to them, and in overwhelming numbers the realization has hit that there are other options to be pursued beyond their current job and workplace. Be it a return to school, a career transition, a movement towards multiple side gigs, or pursuing entrepreneurship – one thing is certain – the great resignation has left a gaping hole in many organizations. What then is the great response that organizations should have to this talent crisis?

Stay Interviews

Swap out your exit interviews for stay interviews and speak to your team members now before it’s too late. When you know what your employees are thinking before they consider leaving, you are able to stay ahead of the game by proactively addressing their issues and keeping your finger on the pulse of what matters most to your team. This can be done by survey, focus groups or one-on-one meetings. No matter the vehicle you choose to use, giving a forum to your team to share their thoughts is sure to be appreciated.

Create Opportunities for Intrepreneurship

This is not a typo (although spellcheck tells me it is). Intrapreneurship is the lesser known term but has a powerful impact on employees and indeed company culture. It is the ability to act like an entrepreneur within your own organization. Organizations that provide opportunities for intrepreneurships allow their team members to be creative and innovative, pursue passion projects and take ownership for coming up with new ideas. Rather than have your employees walk out the door to try and pursue their entrepreneurial ventures, why not create space for them to start up new processes, systems, product lines or services from inside your workplace? The idea of a Sony PlayStation was conceptualized by a junior employee while playing on his daughter’s Nintendo. My guess is that Sony was pretty grateful to have an intrepreneur on their team and you may be too one day!

Social Connection

If social distancing was the phrase of 2020, then surely social connection must the be phrase for 2021. With the introduction of all of our remote and hybrid workplaces, we know that social connections have become fractured or lost. This has led to the most serious mental health crisis we have seen yet. People need people – even when they feel like they don’t. Workplaces should be mindful and deliberate about making sure they are creating meaningful opportunities for connection. There are so many ways to bring your people together even in the virtual environment. Hold group learning opportunities, exercise classes, cooking lessons, book clubs, or happy hour. Some organizations are going the extra mile and holding virtual retreats. At Pivot HR Services and Move Forward, clients are using Tailored Gatherings to socially reconnect, and build alignment on purpose, strategy, and culture.

Although our world has flipped upside down, the fundamentals of what people value about workplaces didn’t change. We still feel connected to organizations that demonstrate genuine care for us, that encourage new ideas and creativity, and that provide opportunities for learning, development, and collaboration. Get started on creating your own Great Response today.

For more ideas or to brainstorm together, reach out to the Pivot HR Services team at info@pivothrservices.ca. We could talk about these kind of workplace topics all day – and in fact we do!

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