HR Tips for Startups

hr tips for start ups

Running your own organization is no easy feat, especially if you’re breaking into a highly competitive sector or bringing something new to the market. Life as a startup is certainly not without its share of challenges, but with the right foundation and assistance in place, the rewards can be plentiful for all involved.

At Pivot HR, we understand the passion of the teams behind startups, as well as the unique challenges they face. As a skilled HR consultancy that assists clients across Canada, we’re proud to partner with startups, small and medium businesses, and non-profit organizations to help you navigate the tricky waters of human resources with confidence and peace of mind. Below, we’ll discuss 4 key tips for Startups to keep in mind. Read on to learn more!

1. You Need to Develop Hiring/Onboarding Processes

Let’s face it, expanding your team is one of the biggest challenges faced by any business or organization, and when you’re in the early stages of building, it’s even more crucial to make sure you have the components in place to guarantee a solid foundation. Hiring is so much more than just finding talent (though there’s no denying the importance of this as well); you need to find the right talent for both your role and your company as a whole. Partnering with an external HR firm to ensure you have best practices and parameters in place for hiring and onboarding will dramatically increase your chances of long-term sustainable hires and help you build a stronger team overall.

2. Managing Employee Relationships

Once you’ve hired your team, it’s important to ensure that everyone contributes to a healthy, productive, atmosphere. While some degree of conflict is inevitable, there are plenty of check stops and methods you can put in place to avoid significant incidences (harassment, bullying, assault, for example) before they have the chance to occur. If they do occur, however, you’ll need to work with an HR consultant to perform a thorough workplace investigation and ensure that all sides are equally, and accurately, represented.

3. Invest in Development and Training

Your people are one of your greatest assets, and it’s in your best interest to help them flourish within your organization. As you continue to build for the future, it’s worthwhile to consider resources like executive and leadership training that will help you burgeoning leaders truly step up to the plate and help inspire their peers to do the same.

4. Never Make HR an Afterthought

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks of running your business that you neglect to see the need for HR when things are going smoothly. The reality is, HR needs to be at forefront of your mind on a regular basis, as it ensures your foundation is secure. Partnering with an external firm like Pivot is a great way to make sure you’re always covered when you need support, without the stress of having to build and manage an internal team!

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