How to Set HR Policies for Success

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Does your small business have clear HR policies established?

Whether you’re just starting up or have been established for several years, staying on top of best practices for human resources is one of the most important ways to ensure the safety and security of your company or organization in the future. Policies provide clear, unmistakable guidelines for everyone to abide by, regardless of their position. Without rules and standards being established, you’ll often begin to see confusion and frustration among employees, as well as put your organization at risk for potential conflict, complaints or lawsuits down the line.

As one of Vancouver’s most trusted HR consultancies, Pivot HR is passionate about making sure that small businesses, as well as organizations, are set up for success. Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most important policies you need to establish ASAP to ensure your team is covered when it matters most. Read on to learn more!

Health & Safety

Protecting the health and safety of your workers is one of the essential policies that every company and organization needs to prioritize. Whether you handle dangerous materials or want to have set guidelines regarding your standards about coming into the office sick, making sure you have something in writing is essential to avoid any significant issues resulting from workplace injuries and illnesses.

Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination

It’s no secret that discrimination, bullying, and harassment pose a significant threat to your workplace, and it’s essential to have a clear policy in place for regulating any behaviours that could be considered as such. As an employer, you can be held responsible for acts of discrimination or harassment that occur within your organization, and failure to be proactive on these kinds of matters puts you at risk.

If you don’t already have a policy in place, it is strongly recommended to immediately prioritize formalizing your standards as to what constitutes bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and any other form of inappropriate behaviour at work. A good policy will also outline procedures for dealing with complaints (more on that below).

Code of Conduct (Both Employee and Employer)

A code of conduct gives your employees clarity with regards to what is expected of them in their role, as well as a member of the company or organization as a whole. Conduct policies can outline a number of things including your approach to punctuality, reviews, wage increases, appropriate attire, mobile phone usage, and more.

Grievance Policy

As much as we try to foster positive work environments, it’s inevitable that eventually, conflict will occur. Having a grievance policy in place will give employees, as well as managers and owners, a clear plan when it comes to dealing with issues and creating a safe, fair environment for everyone.

Disciplinary Measures

Employees need to know what’s expected of them, but they also need to know what happens when they step outside the boundaries you’ve established. Having standards in place will not only help to encourage compliance, but will also give you a valuable resource to refer to if, and when, performance issues occur.

Leave Policy

From bereavement to maternity and/or paternity leave, it’s inevitable that your employees will have to take some time away from the workplace. You need to ensure that this kind of policy is not only in compliance with any provincial and federal guidelines, but that you have specific caveats in place to ensure that the transition to and from work is as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

Build a New Path Forward

If you’re ready to make sure your business or organization has all the right details in place to set yourself up for success in the future, Pivot HR is here to help! We know that navigating HR on your own can often feel overwhelming, and with changing rules and guidelines, it’s best to have a qualified team of professionals on your side. Partnering with us makes managing your HR matters simple, approachable, and alleviates stress for the whole team.

Learn how we can help guide your policy development by contacting us today!

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