How to Grow Leadership From Within Your Team

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Are you wondering how you can make the most of the leadership skills you see within your existing team members? The strongest teams are often those who know how to cultivate leadership within, allowing those with the drive and skills to step forth and rise to the challenge, inspiring their peers in the process. While it can sometimes seem as easy as just giving would-be-leaders more responsibilities, in order to build the best foundation for success, you’ll want to finesse your approach to ensure both short-term and long-term gains for everyone involved. Below, we’ll talk about five ways to inspire leadership within your team. Read on to learn more!

What Does a Real Leader Look Like?

The biggest question when it comes to leadership is what defines a true leader, and how do you know how to identify an employee with a skill set that makes them a good fit for future opportunities. The truth is, there’s no direct formula that makes someone a good leader, but there are attributes that you can look for early on. Strong leadership candidates are:

  • Humble
  • Team oriented
  • Accountable
  • Driven
  • Respectful
  • Innovative

If this reminds you of one or more of your team members, you’re in great shape! With some careful planning and a refined approach, you can help them fully recognize their potential and help each other in the process. You can do this by:

Sharing Your Vision

It’s hard to lead if you don’t know where you’re going. Ideally, you’ll want to make sure that all of your team members are on board with the vision of your company and organization. Where leadership is concerned, it’s even more important to refine that vision and share how you see their role in the vision, and how they can tangibly make a difference. When everyone is on the same page with clear goals and a path forward, it’s far easier to hit the ground running!

Give Them a Voice

Along with making sure your employees know the vision and goals at hand, it’s important to let them genuinely become a part of the process and to encourage a healthy, respectful dialogue through a two way street. Knowing that upper management is invested in hearing the thoughts and input of their team goes a long way towards boosting productivity, and also allows leaders to step up and help you identify any potential oversights you may have missed.

Reward Effort

If you’re not rewarding your leaders and high performers for thinking outside the box and going above and beyond, you’re missing out. Provide consistent encouragement and praise for those who take risks and try new things in order to innovate, and empower future leaders by helping them to see first-hand that hard work really does pay off and will be rewarded.

Confront Failures Reasonably

To err is human, as the old saying goes, and as you gently press your team to try new things, you can expect inevitable failures down the line. Rather than punish shortcomings, empower your crew by reminding them that mistakes aren’t the end of the world and provide an opportunity for further learning growth. Giving them hands-on experience in the planning and execution process may feel like a bumpy road at times, but with patience and planning from both parties, you’ll gain far more in the long run and inspire a much deeper understanding that allows them to lead with confidence in the future.

Provide Opportunities

Finally, if you want someone to lead, you need to give them the opportunity to. Build in ways for potential leaders to rise to the occasion and own certain projects or processes, and mentor them along the way as they grow. It’s important to note that as you do this, everyone needs to be on board and supportive during the learning process.

If you allow your team to build from within and own their own successes, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they’ll not only rise to the next challenge but go chasing after hurdles that once held them back.

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