Handling Team Conflict: What to Do When Disagreements Cause Discontent

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Are you dealing with some discontent in the office and wondering how you can best restore the peace? Workplace conflict, while unfortunate, is an eventuality as you expand your team. With so many different personalities and ideas coming together, it’s inevitable to run into disagreements down the line. Fortunately, with the right plan in place and a careful eye that knows what to look for, you can prevent escalation before it has a chance to fester and become a much larger problem. To help you navigate the complex dynamics that come with a versatile team, as well as diffuse team conflict as peacefully as possible, Pivot HR has compiled some core tips to keep you ahead of the curve. Learn more below!

What Causes Team Conflict?

Team conflict can be caused by a wide variety of factors, some of which are more commonly thought of than others. Anything from poor management to unclear job roles, lack of training, significant changes to procedures, pay systems, and more. Major sources of contention can be found in personality clashes, unrealistic expectations being set on team members and unresolved issues that continue to build over a long period of time and go unaddressed.

Regardless of the source of your conflict, one thing remains certain: the longer you let things drag out, the more detrimental the strain will be on your employees. Stopping workplace conflict takes an upfront, respectful approach that aims to resolve things quickly and get to the root of the true issue at hand.

So, what can you do to tackle issues in the workplace as they arise?

Be Proactive and Present

One of the best things you can do when it comes to handling conflict is to take a proactive stance. Far too often, management can be removed from the daily going on’s of their employees, and thus oblivious to conflict as it begins to arise. Stay in tune with your team members as well as the respective leaders of your departments and look for any signs of discontent. If you do start to see signs of strain, consider any situational factors that may be causing issues before you move to act and always strive to get a full level of comprehension before you move forward.

Resolve Things Quickly

Let us be clear: when we say resolve things quickly, we don’t mean to rush to a conclusion. Rather, it’s important that workplace conflict doesn’t drag out and go neglected. Aim to handle things as quickly as possible, but in doing so it’s crucial to be fair to all parties involved. Take the time necessary to hear and critically evaluate all sides, and ensure that your chosen resolution, whether it involves addressing employee-employee conflict or a more general issue, suitably addresses the conflict as completely as possible.

Bring in an Outside Facilitator

Oftentimes bringing in a neutral third party is the best way to deal with an existing issue. While it may feel daunting to bring in an outside team, sometimes an objective view offered by a trained facilitator is necessary to truly get to the bottom of things and make sure everyone’s voice is heard. Pivot HR offers comprehensive conflict resolution services that are designed to help your team overcome the challenges it currently faces and positively restructures for the future.

Move On With Confidence

Once you’ve handled your conflict, it’s important to enable your team to move on confidently and comfortably. Create a safe space that allows everyone to grow from their experiences and focus on the most important task at hand: building for the future!

Tackle Workplace Conflict with Pivot HR Today!

Do you find yourself dealing with unhappy employees and wondering how you can reset and refresh? Pivot HR is here to assist! With decades of industry experience on our side, Pivot’s team of HR consultants are happy to partner with clients through British Columbia as well as across Canada to conduct workplace assessments that shine a light on conflict and help you find a way back to normal. Learn more about how our services and how to get back on track by contacting us today!

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