Exploring the Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion Training

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Is your workplace as inclusive and diverse as it can be? A strong team is one that knows how to make everyone welcome, leverage skillsets and encourage open, honest dialogue between all members. Diversity and inclusion are some of the most important aspects of growing your business or organization. At Pivot HR, we’re passionate about helping you develop the strongest team and are proud to offer comprehensive training services, including customized programs focused on diversity and inclusion. Our team works with companies, organizations, and non-for-profits throughout our home base of Vancouver BC, as well as across Canada.

If you’re looking to make sure that you have the most up to date information regarding diversity and inclusion, as well as a solid path forward, Pivot HR is here to help! Read on to learn more about the importance of including diversity in the workplace

More Than Just a Buzzword

Diversity has become a hot topic of discussion in the business world as of late and depending on who you ask, you’ll find many different reasons why. For many, diversity is associated with opening up your hiring practices to make sure that you include employees of all racial, gender identity, religion, and other varied backgrounds. There is no denying that this does in fact make for a highly dynamic team, and a more innovative and productive workforce. If we take a closer at what diversity can truly mean in the workplace, you’ll find that a company or organization that truly wants to embrace the benefits of diversity will set practices into place that are designed to harness the uniqueness of varied backgrounds, as well as the many skills and experiences your team members can learn from each other.

What is Diversity and Inclusion Training

As we’ve mentioned above, there’s more to creating a diverse work environment than just hiring people from different walks of life. While this is certainly an entry point, diversity training can help your team go even further and benefit from inclusion practices fully. Generally speaking, there are two types of diversity training that HR consultants can help you focus on: awareness and skills based training.

Awareness training is designed to help create empathy, and (as the name suggests), awareness with regards to experiencing the world through the eyes of another beholder with different past experiences. From becoming more aware of the challenges and perspective faced by those of a different race, age group, gender, etc. your team learns how to create more authentic interactions and to shape the narrative around them in such a way that everyone is genuinely included and can participate fully in their workplace.

Skills based training typically involves specific exercises designed to build the skills necessary to overcome communication barriers, reduce bias, and handle conflict in a safe and inclusive manner.

Both forms of training can be facilitated by an external HR consultant in the form of a seminar or breakout classes for leadership etc.

Why Focus on Diversity and Innovation?

Beyond helping to contribute toward a richer, more inclusive future of all, diversity and inclusion training has so many benefits to offer companies and organizations alike. By creating a thriving environment where everyone is allowed and encouraged to be themselves and work together, you’ll stand to see significant returns where both morale and productivity are concerned. Benefits like enhanced innovation, reduced conflict, better retention and overall increased in customer satisfaction are extremely common as the result of a more diverse environment, and provide plenty of incentives moving forward!

Build the Future for Tomorrow Today!

Partnering with an HR consultant makes handling diversity and inclusion easy, and gives your team a safe space to grow. Based in Vancouver BC, Pivot HR works alongside businesses to conduct diversity assessments, design and deliver focus groups, develop and review policy, and more. As your source for modern HR support, we’re proud to partner with you to develop a custom plan that works best for your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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