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Looking for a proven way to breathe new life into your team and help your internal leadership step up to the plate in the new year? Executive leadership coaching can be a great way to set the pace for your managers and empower them to lead from a position of knowledge and confidence as we continue to face rapidly shifting markets and ever-evolving workplace cultures.

If you’re ready to grow in 2023, executive coaching is a proven asset that equips your leaders for success and encourages high performers to step things up to achieve alongside their mentors. With decades of experience behind our team, Pivot HR is proud to offer executive coaching to clients located in our home city of Vancouver, as well as throughout Canada. We believe that equipping leaders in businesses, organizations, and non-profits is one of the best ways to lay the foundation for long term growth, and we’re happy to help you move forward with confidence.

Below, we’ll explore more of what you need to know about executive coaching. Read on to learn more!

What is Executive Coaching?

If you’ve taken a look at LinkedIn or other business oriented platforms that tend to focus on motivation, you’ve likely encountered growing chatter about executive coaching. While the term will mean different things depending on the specific context at hand (many conflate coaching to be the hard-hitting inspirational talks you see on TV, for example), at the most basic level, the objective of executive coaching is to partner with managers and top executives to uncover roadblocks, existing skillsets and other areas of improvement that can enhance their capacity to lead well. When you partner with a coach that has a dedicated HR background, you gain access to qualified knowledge that can help you transform your understanding of what effective leadership looks like and show you how to implement best practices within your workplace.

What Does Coaching Look Like in Practice?

Executive coaching will vary depending on the needs and structure of the organization/leadership at hand. This means that it’s hard to narrow down exactly what your program will look like. With that being said, core principles of executive coaching are centred around inspiring leaders to rise above current challenges, taking a closer look at what skills you are already aware of as well as those you may need to cultivate for the future, dealing with conflict and difficulties your managers may face in the workplace and coming up with a dedicated plan that makes it easy to track progress along the way. It’s important to note that executive coaching is NOT a dedicated therapy session, which, although highly beneficial for those in stressful career fields, requires a different professional to take the lead. Executive coaches provide valuable, objective insights and are able to use their breadth of industry understanding to relate to your leaders in an approachable manner that makes them feel heard and teaches them how to do the same for others.

Getting into Specifics

As we mentioned above, every program will vary slightly depending on your unique needs, but generally speaking, those wishing to participate in executive coaching can expect their customized sessions to last between 6-12 months in order to get the best results. While shorter time frames are available, typically a half or full-year approach gives your coach a better chance to dig deep into the needs of your organization, as well as to tailor their instruction to your needs and objectives. After your initial meeting and assessment, your coach will give you a detailed outline of what you can expect in the coming months, including timelines, check-in points, and progress reports that can be given to upper management to show how the employee is doing with their program. In previous years, most coaching sessions have been conducted in person, typically on a 1-1 or small group basis. The shift to WFH and remote locations has made it increasingly possible to receive coaching online without compromising your results or hindering engagement from either side. Once your program is completed, you can either put your skills directly to use and/or continue your learning with even more advanced training as needed!

Lead With Confidence with Pivot HR

Need help setting the pace for 2023 and boosting your leaders’ morale? Pivot HR has you covered. With years of human resources expertise under our belt, you can trust our team to provide valuable insights and reliable information, and to partner with you to find a clear path forward. Learn more about our executive leadership training by contacting us today!

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