Top 5 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During the Holidays

Keep employees engaged during the holidays

Every employer knows this time of year can be long on downtime and short on productivity. Businesses tend to slow down, and staff are full of the festive spirit, so work tends to take a back seat. How can you make use of this time and keep your employees engaged? We’ve got five suggestions:


  1. Complete self-appraisals: Being that it’s the end of the year, employees may already be looking back and reflecting on the year gone by. Why not put that reflection to good use and have them complete a self-appraisal that can be used for their annual review? A self-appraisal questionnaire can be fairly simple: it can focus on employees’ achievements, highlights, low lights, and areas they’d like to improve. 
  2. Set goals: Follow up the self-appraisal exercise with goal-setting for the new year. Again, keep it simple. Ask employees to identify 3 professional goals they’d like to achieve in 2019. 
  3. Clean up the office: Most offices collect junk over time. Use this slow period to initiate a staff-wide clean-up to get rid of it: shred old documents, toss broken furniture, and recycle old electronics. You can make it fun by instituting a relaxed dress code and give a prize to the employee who removes the most junk from their space. 
  4. Finish filing, data entry and other outstanding admin tasks: We admit this one isn’t very fun or glamorous, but it is necessary. It’s very easy for things like filing or data entry to fall by the wayside during busier times. Now is the perfect time for your employees to catch up. You can liven it up by instituting an office-wide admin day so at least everyone is in it together – as they say, the more the merrier! And of course, get the holiday music pumping to sing while you file. 
  5. Connect with clients: The holidays are good time for your employees to touch base with their clients, partners and/or stakeholders to continue building relationships with them. Encourage your staff to make social calls or even visit their contacts.


We hope you found these tips useful. What are your suggestions for making the most of the slower-paced holiday season? Let us know on social media. Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Happy Holidays!


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