The Importance of Employee Development

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Employee development refers to any activity that is aimed at improving or elevating employee skills, knowledge and abilities. Employee development includes training, coaching, performance management, promotions and succession planning.

While an employee can take the initiative and find development programs for themselves, it is important that employers have an employee development plan in place. Here’s why:

1. Helps attract and retain the right employees

Yes, there are many qualified people applying for jobs. But there are also many employers looking for the same type of employees you are. Offering employee development programs can help to give your company a competitive edge over other employers. You see, potential employees recognize the importance of development and are looking for companies that have such programs in place. It may be the deciding factor when they must choose between your company and others with the same vacancies. Not only will you see a boost in employee recruitment, but you will see an improvement in employee retention as well.

2. Prepares employees for promotions

With a proper employee development plan in place, you can identify your employees’ strengths and weakness and see which ones would be suitable for promotions when positions become available. When current employees are not being prepared for promotion, you will need to advertise vacant top-level positions to the public.

This should not always be the case. You should be able to find replacements from within. Someone who has worked for the company for a while is familiar with your clientele and how your business operates. When they are promoted to top-level positions, they will not need to take time to learn about your company and how things are done. The only way you can properly identify the employees who deserve to be promoted is by having an employee development and performance management plan in place.

3. Keeps workers engaged

An employee development plan is a great way to keep your workers engaged: well-structured challenges offer your employees stimulating learning opportunities that will foster their professional growth. Employees who are appropriately challenged will be less likely to become stagnant in their jobs and experience a rejuvenated interest and commitment to their work.

4. Helps save money

Employee development is an investment. When you develop your workers’ skills and abilities, they will be better equipped to provide quality work. You may even be able to achieve more with fewer employees and in turn, need to hire new recruits less often.

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