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Does your workplace reflect the vibrant and diverse culture we co-exist in outside of the office? Do you, as a leadership team, foster a safe, inclusive environment where everyone feels heard, welcomed, and understood?

If your business or organization hasn’t taken a serious look at how you can better align with diversity and inclusion positive measures recently, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on what you’re missing out on. Some of the strongest workforces you’ll find have a rich tapestry of employee backgrounds, as well as the policies and practices to ensure everyone is treated fairly. At Pivot HR, we know that DEI training and coaching are imperative when it comes to creating a better work culture for all. Our team works with companies, organizations, and not-for-profits throughout our home base of Vancouver, BC, as well as across Canada to customize programs focused on diversity and inclusion, allowing your company to start off on the right foot and stay on the right side of the law in the process.

Read on to learn more about the importance of including diversity in the workplace, and why partnering with a team like Pivot can make DEI easier than ever to approach!

More than Just Token Efforts

There’s no denying that diversity and inclusion have been a hot topic for both businesses and corporations for several decades. With that being said, what DEI means today is a far better understanding of inclusive culture than many institutions held in generations past. As we see a societal shift of differences being openly celebrated, it’s important to understand that what modern diversity and inclusion strives for goes far beyond simply hiring individuals without any bias towards their racial, gender, or sexual identity, religion, and other personal details.

While the above is certainly still extremely relevant and important, true diversity and inclusion also mean ensuring systems are in place to help everyone be fairly heard, acknowledged and supported. It also celebrates the many varied skills a diverse team can bring to the table and equips you to use them fully.

What is DEI Training?

DEI training will look a little different for every organization or company, but typically speaking, there are two main elements that diversity training comprises.

Awareness Training

Awareness training calls attention to areas of ignorance or misunderstanding and can help teams empathize with the feelings and experiences of others. Awareness training is the more “theoretical” part of coaching and helps to bring attention to accidental biases, points of potential conflict, and how to healthily address any issues moving forward.

Skills Based Training

Skills-based training aims to equip the lessons above with the ability to be actionable. It focuses on building the skills to communicate effectively, break down walls of misunderstanding, remove biases, and safely handle conflict with ease.

Both forms of training can be facilitated by an external HR consultant, typically in a joint fashion through seminars, coaching sessions, breakout classes and more.

Does it Really Matter?

If you’re “dealing” with DEI simply to stay compliant with Canadian anti-discrimination regulations, you’re missing the full value that diversity and inclusion have to offer you. When we create healthy environments where everyone is welcome, we grow productive workforces that tackle things together as a real team, fully empowered by each individual skill and experience point of the collective. This kind of supportive backbone drastically increases performance, as well as overall employee retention. The question should never be whether diversity matters; it’s how you can make your diverse workforce work best for you!

Build the Future for Tomorrow Today!

Let’s tackle diversity and inclusion together!

Partnering with an HR consultant makes handling DEI training easy, and gives your team a safe space to grow. Based in Vancouver, BC, Pivot HR works alongside Canadian businesses and organizations to conduct diversity assessments, design and deliver focus groups, develop and review policy, and more.

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