Choosing an HR Consulting Firm in Vancouver

Has 2023 opened new doors for success or handed you plenty of baggage leftover from the past to deal with? As we ease into a new year, organizations face a fast-paced market that leaves little room for error. Partnering with an external HR firm is essential for organizations across Canada looking to access support for company growth and day-to-day HR matters. At Pivot HR, we’re proud to partner with clients from various sectors to offer trusted human resources consulting nationwide. We are passionate about ensuring you can find the best partnership for your needs and know that finding the right fit can often seem like a challenge for small and medium-sized businesses. To help you make sure you have the best assistance possible in 2023, below are a few key areas to consider when hiring an HR firm. Read on to learn more!

Experience is Key

Every business and organization is incredibly unique, even if employers are subject to the same laws and standards. Each team has specific needs and challenges to overcome. To move forward confidently, you must ensure your HR has the right experience. To ensure your prospective partners come prepared, ask to see portfolios, CVs, and additional vetted experience indicators that would help you determine whether or not your needs will be fully met.

Proof Positive

Just as HR firms have an extremely wide net of areas they can specialize in, each consultancy should have its fair share of reviews and industry accolades to back up its claims. Before you move forward in a long-term agreement with an HR team, ensure they can verify their credentials, portfolio, the full scope of their services, pricing and billing solutions, and any other details that directly pertain to your needs.

Never Settle

HR is one of those business fundamentals you should never be willing to compromise on where value is concerned. Your HR partner should leave you feeling confident, supported, and protected in all areas of your organization. If your current provider leaves you feeling more confused or ignored than understood and valued, you should be prepared to reevaluate your working relationship and seriously consider moving to a better fit. When it comes to protecting the health and wellness of your employees in the workplace, as well as your ability to grow in the long term, second best won’t cut it.

Advice You Can Trust

At Pivot HR, we believe that handling day-to-day HR matters shouldn’t be difficult. We know that dealing with employment standards, navigating conflict, and implementing policies can be overwhelming for owners, but we’re here to make sure you have the support you need. Pivot HR is pleased to offer businesses and organizations across Canada access to leading HR expertise and support across a wide range of matters including employment, workplace disputes, diversity and inclusion. Learn more about how we can help your business or organization succeed by contacting us today!

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