Building Better Teams: The Role of 360 Reviews in Performance Appraisals

the role of 360 performance appraisals

The trick to retaining top performers is easier than you may think, outside of being paid a fair wage, manageable workloads and a respectful work environment. Most employees want to work for an organization that provides them with opportunities to grow, challenge themselves and climb the corporate ladder.

Receiving and providing constructive criticism is a skill developed over time, but it can be a very intimidating experience for people, especially those in the early phases of their careers. Let’s be honest: performance reviews are often nerve-wracking for the employee and sometimes even the employer!

There are performance appraisal processes that make delivering feedback a better experience for everyone involved, like the 360 review. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a 360 Review?

The tricky thing about performance reviews is that, in many workplaces, the only person providing feedback to an employee is their direct manager or human resources personnel. Unless the manager works with the employee daily, they lack the complete picture of a person’s work performance.

The 360 Review is a leadership assessment tool that holistically looks at an employee’s performance by gathering feedback from managers, coworkers, and sometimes clients. It’s called a 360 review because it provides a comprehensive overview of a person’s performance, skills, competencies and contributions.

Who is involved in a 360 review?

Being judged by a jury of your peers may sound intimidating, but it’s highly beneficial to provide a clear picture of where an employee is, where they’ve been, and where they may go. Compared to traditional reviews, this process considers howa person impacts their work environment, not necessarily their work quality.

As the 360 review touches all corners of an organization, the people involved are typically the employee’s direct manager, functional managers, team members, reporting staff, and even client feedback. Essentially, all of the people an employee interacts with regularly.

Pivot’s Performance Appraisal Process

Many businesses will hire an external consultant like Pivot HR to conduct 360 reviews on management or leadership in the C-Suite. The feedback gathered is invaluable to improving the overall performance of an individual employee and the organization.

At Pivot HR, we firmly believe in providing custom-tailored services to our clients— the Pivot 360 approach is no different! We custom-build our 360’s in-house based on the client’s key leadership competencies. However, if a client would prefer a more standardized 360, Pivot HR’s consultants are certified in the globally recognized Hogan 360 leadership assessment tool.

Rather than doing a basic survey sent out to a team, we also hold focus groups and individualized interviews with 360 raters to gather detailed feedback. After collecting all feedback, our consultants will analyze the data and provide a detailed report to the client.

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Pivot HR is well-known for providing customized HR solutions and programs tailored to our clients based on their needs, budget and culture. Our dedication to personalization is one of the many reasons why Pivot HR is one of North America’s top HR consulting firms.

If you are a leader looking to elevate your performance, get in touch with Pivot HR today to learn more about our performance appraisal systems.

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