Beyond Hiring & Firing: Top HR Consulting Firms Can Transform Your Business

top hr consulting firms can transform your business

Is your company ready to take the next step and scale into a larger, more profitable business? Scaling upward means more employees, clients and administrative responsibilities, which means an even greater need for a human resources department.

Sustainable business growth requires a strong foundation, and HR is a pillar of the business. As a company’s team grows, there are a multitude of factors that will pile up and overload even the most organized management team. The human resources department handles the human aspect of the business so the leadership team can focus on running the company.

There is so much more to HR than most people think, making it difficult to properly understand what to look for in an external HR consulting firm. Keep on reading to learn what to look for when selecting the right human resources firm for your organization.

Experience and Expertise

The HR department covers an incredibly extensive range of business services, so much so that not all HR Consultants specialize in the same areas. Before you choose the right consultancy for your organization, ask for vetted experience indicators like portfolios and CVs to determine whether their services match your business’s needs.

Growth and Development

As we said earlier, HR is much more than hiring and firing. Managing the human side of the business is our bread and butter. Pivot HR offers diverse corporate training and professional development services to fit your needs. Our leadership coaching services apply to professionals in all phases of their careers. From first-time managers to C-Suite executives, we have helped hundreds of professionals take the next step toward meeting their career growth goals.

Research Reviews & References

Doing your homework is always good, especially when outsourcing your company’s entire human resources department! These days, it’s easier than ever to research your options before reaching out to prospective agencies. Look online for client reviews and case studies; don’t be afraid to ask the right questions.

Core questions to ask include:

  • What are your credentials (individually and as a firm)?
  • What services does your firm offer?
  • When has the HR consultant worked on a similar project?
  • What are your pricing/billing options?
  • What areas of HR does your agency focus on?

Why Choose Pivot HR?

With over 20 years of experience under our belts, Pivot has a highly experienced and educated team of HR professionals who have seen it all. We are true HR generalists and operate in all areas of HR rather than specializing in specific areas like recruitment, compensation or leadership development.

Pivot HR is proud to be considered one of North America’s top HR consulting firms, with a wide-ranging client load in both the public and private sectors.

Partner with Pivot HR Today!

Remember: when hiring an external HR consulting firm, you hire them for their expertise. Your business deserves to work with one of the top HR consulting firms North America offers, like Pivot HR. Whether you need to outsource smaller tasks like payroll and employee policies, or your entire HR operation to an external consultant, Pivot’s experienced team can do it all.

Want to learn more about who Pivot HR is? Read more about us on our blog or get in touch with us and speak to a consultant today.

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