Are You Building Your Team This Year?

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2023 is already half over…is your team where you want to be?

It’s no secret that this year came in like a freight train for many businesses and organizations across Canada, and with employees and employers across the nation adjusting to being back in the office or a new work style entirely, executives and team leaders are facing more challenges than ever before. Equipping your leaders to navigate challenges with personal and professional confidence is essential for long-term growth and success.

From your C-Suite all the way to Jr. team leads and beyond, investing in executive coaching is a great way to quip those who steer your ship with the tools they need to excel. As a hands-on way to guide your all-stars through self-discovery and corporate development, coaching gets to the root of current strengths and identifies areas where growth is possible. At Pivot HR, we know firsthand how much corporate and executive coaching can help strengthen your team, and are proud to partner with businesses and organizations across the country to give you access to educational resources and training you can trust.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top benefits of executive coaching as well as the benefits of partnering with our team. Read on to learn more!

What is “Executive Coaching”

If you follow office-based dramas like Suits or Billions, you may be inclined to confuse the world of executive coaching with a more sales-directed performance culture. While yes, performance and excelling in your role is certainly a part of the ethos behind executive coaching, the focus in these kinds of sessions and seminars is to go a little deeper and take a look at things from a more holistic approach.

Executive coaching is tailored towards those in key positions of leadership throughout an organization and aims to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and understandings necessary to adapt to today’s workforce and lead as efficiently as possible. The focus is to shine a light where one may already be proficient and look towards mastery, while also identifying areas that may be under-trained or lacking real finesse, especially where interpersonal or team development skills may be concerned.

Learning how to empathize and align, manage signs of conflict or division, provide positive support, and fairly discipline are all fluid skills, each of which evolves rapidly to meet the needs of a changing workforce. Executive coaching empowers your leaders with:

Objective Guidance

While executive coaching isn’t a therapy session, it can provide a safe space for higher-level employees to voice their concerns about their performance or responsibilities, and receive valuable feedback about how to navigate things with confidence.

Strong Decision Makers

Indecisiveness and ambiguity can be significant source of friction and eventual discord amongst your team, especially if leadership appears checked out or unsure. Executive Coaching empowers leaders to feel confident making calls, both in the moment and with future objectives in mind. From knowing how to handle the unexpected and lead through challenging scenarios, to resolving minor conflicts and making process changes and more, an empowered problem solver is a vital asset to any company.

Performance Booster

To circle back to our discussion above, while the goal of executive coaching isn’t just to boost numbers or other such performance metrics, it can drastically assist with employee output by removing human-created barriers (mental blocks, unresolved conflict) and letting one focus on the task at hand. With a better understanding of our professional selves and the power to move forward to address areas where we may be lacking confidence, positive performance is almost a surefire benefit.


Finally, you long-term employees and team leaders deserve recognition and growth opportunities that allow them to continue to excel fully. Coaching not only gives your business direct benefits, but can help your employees feel better equipped, trusted, and that their role is seen as vital by those in positions of power.

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