Are These Common HR Issues Effecting Your Business?

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Are you on top of the state of your company culture and interpersonal wellness within the workforce? With more businesses and organizations across Canada facing modified work models and a shifting work culture than ever before, now is the time to revisit some of the most common challenges that can throw a wrench in your plans. Harassment of any form in the workplace is one of the most dangerous occurrences that can damage your team irreparably if you leave it unchecked. Knowing how to address workplace harassment and move forward is essential, and one of the best ways to do so is to be aware of the various kinds that can occur so you don’t miss things in the early days.

Below we’ll take a look at some of the most common types of harassment within the workplace. Read on to make sure you know what to look for!

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is, unfortunately, still a common occurrence within businesses and organizations of all sizes, and can have a profoundly negative effect on victims, as well as your entire team who may witness or hear about misconduct. Sexual harassment, whether conducted on a peer-peer or lead-peer level (or any variation thereof) can damage our sense of safety and identity, and diminish our trust in the workplace. Sexual harassment encompasses a wide range of behaviours including physical acts, verbal misconduct, and even inappropriate visual contact. Flirting, unwanted touching, pressing for intimate knowledge, and acts of sexual aggression must be taken seriously, not only to protect involved parties but to protect yourself against a serious lawsuit should any failure on an employer’s part come to light. Never take accusations lightly, justify another’s actions, and always investigate further.

Harassment and Bullying

Bullying and harassment are other common toxic occurrences that can harm your team, and it may surprise you to learn that it’s often less overt than insults, threats, screaming matches or other obvious signs. Harassment and bullying can be as subtle as exclusion, taking credit for someone else’s work, withholding resources and more. If you see any early signs, take action immediately and speak with your team to get to the root of what’s going on.


While unconscious biases are a less malicious form of discrimination, there are often far more overt issues that can take hold if you don’t have the right anti-discriminatory policies in place. Take a clear stance and draft protocols that make it clear that everyone is welcome regardless of their race, sexuality, religion, background and any other personal identifiers.


Physical harassment is one of the more obvious forms of harassment to spot, and can be extremely dangerous to all parties involved. From physical assault against another to violent outbursts, throwing objects, breaking items in the office and otherwise conducting themselves in an inappropriate physical manner, this kind of harassment can lead to extremely dire consequences.

How to Handle Harassment

As much as we strive to create safe workplaces, the sad reality is, you will likely encounter some form of harassment in your workforce at one point or another. Knowing how to move forward is essential to protect everyone involved. At Pivot HR, we’re here to support you through any harassment and general HR matters, including workplace investigations, cultural restructuring, and even the need to terminate someone following a harassment investigation. We bring businesses and organizations the benefits of decades of experience, expertise and compassion, and clear communication you need to succeed.

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