An Overview of Management Coaching in Vancouver

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Some people are natural-born leaders, some are thrust into managerial positions, and others naturally make their way up the corporate ladder. Within the vast corporate landscape of Vancouver, all managers are uniquely distinct. The manager of an artisanal soap start-up does things differently than, say, a high-end department store manager.

Bringing in an HR consultant like Pivot HR for Manager Coaching is a fantastic opportunity for leaders to hone their skills and learn to lead gracefully. Many of Vancouver’s most dynamic businesses have undergone managerial coaching to help elevate their business to the gold standard.

What is Management Coaching?

In its purest form, businesses use management coaching to help leaders reach their fullest potential to strengthen their teams as they bestow that new-found knowledge onto their employees. Management coaching aims to set leaders up for success to coach and mentor their staff.

At Pivot, we believe in the Co-Active methodology, which was created intentionally to teach leaders how to be the best version of themselves in the workplace. It is a domino effect: a successful, empowered leader will run a successful, empowered team.

Providing Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is an art form; often, it is a profoundly uncomfortable experience for both parties. No one likes to feel like they have messed up, and no one wants to deliver that news, but change needs to happen.

Feedback should not be framed as criticism of behaviour, work ethic, or a personal attack. For feedback to be helpful, the provider should present it as constructive criticism aimed at helping the recipient grow and learn.

Leading by Example

We’ve all heard the age-old adage, “Practice what you preach.” It’s true! A strong leader is a person who has a firm understanding of the business’s inner workings and can provide valuable advice to their team members. Managers set the precedent and tone of the workplace. When a hands-on manager leads with humility, integrity and honesty, it encourages the team to do the same.

Empowering Employees

Through management coaching, leaders learn how to empower their employees. Along with leading the staff, managers are there to oversee workflow, ensure goals are created and deadlines are made. Supplemental support comes in the form of recognition and praise, an open-door policy, and timely, clarifying feedback. Empowered employees elevate the workplace and are more likely to stick around when they have proper support from their leaders.


Managing people is a combination of soft and hard skills. Soft skills like emotional intelligence, active listening, adaptability, and time management are more innate. They can be taught and will undoubtedly require active practice. Hard skills like creative writing, criminal law, and forklift certification are teachable. Everyone has a base set of skills depending on their life experience.

Pivot HR management coaching is tailor-made to fit the business’s needs and better equip leaders with the tools to manage their teams. The focus is on enhancing a leader’s people and communication skills, as well as leading teams to success.

Is this something your leadership team could benefit from? Contact us today to learn more about how Pivot HR can help your team flourish!

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