5 Evolving HR Considerations in 2023

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2023 has presented businesses and organizations across Canada with no shortage of surprises and challenges to navigate. There’s no denying that the year started off at a breakneck pace and certainly seems to be showing no signs of slowing down in the second half. Many employers now find themselves scrambling to keep up with new developments and address internal HR matters as they arise, often leaving employees feeling stressed or left out of the loop in the process.

At Pivot HR, we’re no strangers to the challenges that rapidly evolving periods of social and economic change can bring to the workforce. Leading in times of transition is a true test of anyone’s managerial skills, and without the proper guidelines in place, you can risk significant errors with long-term repercussions for the whole organization. As we enter a period with more of the older generations leaving the workforce and a very differently-minded young generation entering the job sector for the first, it is integral to stop, assess and acknowledge the new priorities that have begun to shape the market.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the driving points of conversation and development within the HR industry. Read on to learn more.


Diversity and inclusion may not be a new trend in the employment and human relations field, but what these words mean in modern times represent a significant cultural shift that continues to evolve rapidly. Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) has taken an integral seat at the table when it comes to creating fair and ethical businesses; as the complexity of people continues to expand, so too must our commitment and understanding of what it means to create safe and equitable workplaces for everyone.

At Pivot, we’re proud to stand behind DEI initiatives and to help equip businesses and organizations in their journey towards becoming future and equality-minded workplaces. From education and diversity and inclusion seminars to reviewing/creating policies, workplace audits, and more, Pivot is here to help you put your best foot forward for everyone.

Balancing Hybrid/Shifting Work Models

Many businesses are still feeling the aftermath of having to suspend in-office operations temporarily, and many others are now facing the reality of navigating the challenges that come with a hybrid, remote, or flex work model. A younger workforce that is more comfortable with online users also presents its share of challenges, and savvy owners need to have a vetted plan in place to make sure everyone feels included, valued, and heard, no matter where they’re located.

Employee Growth and Retention

Whether you’re bouncing back from layoffs, or actively hiring to accelerate your overall company growth, knowing how to source, hire, and retain top talent is essential. In a post-pandemic world, you’ll also have to know how to create an in-office, WFH, or hybrid model that allows employees to evolve within their roles, develop their own career sets and return your investment in them in the long term.

Balancing Wages With Inflation

The cost of living crisis is never far from the mind these days, with increased expenses forcing both employees and employers to have serious questions about how to best align compensation with their needs. Compensation, both monetary and benefits-wise, has once again become a key point of consideration, and a point of stress for many owners as they try to figure out the right balance.

Resolving Conflict

Finally, interpersonal conflict, both on a macro and micro level, is to be expected within the workforce. Even in the happiest and healthiest of companies or organizations, differences of opinion, ignorant missteps, and, yes, even wilful acts of harm will occur. Human beings, for all our wonderful benefits, are not without their challenges, and managing a workforce full of different personalities and backgrounds is sure to lead you to some sticky situations eventually.

Having clear policies, preventative measures, transparent and equality-focused communication, and disciplinary mandates in place can help avoid significant issues like bullying and harassment, serious conflicts, inappropriate conduct, and more, all by setting a foundation of trust and transparency in place.

Need Help Moving Forward?

If you’re having trouble navigating Canadian HR matters in a post-covid world, Pivot HR is here to help. With decades of experience across our team and services accessible to businesses and organizations throughout Vancouver, Toronto, and Canada-wide, Pivot HR is here to help keep you aligned and ready to face the HR needs of today and tomorrow, every step of the way!

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