5 Anti-Bullying Prevention Tips for Employers

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When putting together a team of people, conflict is bound to arise. Stressors and tensions add up, and people will inevitably butt heads. As leaders, you are responsible for setting the tone of your organization by having a clear policy on workplace behaviour.

Management committed to prevention policies are vital for a successful team. Employees that witness internal accountability within the company will be more comfortable approaching leadership with an issue in the future.

The Canadian Centre for Health and Safety (CCOHS) has a comprehensive page on bullying prevention in the workplace that Pivot HR recommends as a resource.

Want to learn more about cultivating an empathetic and thriving work environment? Here are five tips your company should consider when building an Anti-Bullying Prevention Policy!

1. Define “Workplace Bullying”

A precise definition of workplace bullying is vital for laying the groundwork for accountability. Define what workplace bullying and harassment mean to your business in clear, concise language.

Your employee handbook should also include concrete examples of bullying and harassment for the employee’s reference. Explicit definitions and detailed examples will ensure employees accurately understand what may or may not constitute workplace harassment.

Our team of HR experts at Pivot HR can assist you in reviewing and/or developing your organization’s policies around harassment and bullying.

2. Clear Policies

When developing your business’s anti-bullying and harassment policies, it is essential to have input from management and employee representatives. Doing so ensures protection and fairness for leadership and employees while HR bullying investigations occur.

An “open door” policy increases employees’ trust in their leadership team. Leading with compassion and kindness encourages your employees to do the same. When employees feel safe and cared for as a person, they are more likely to be open about their troubles without fear of retaliation.

Pivot HR can assist your business with facilitating the resolution of interpersonal conflicts in the workplace and conduct a thorough investigation of the bullying and harassment claims on your behalf.

3. Confidentiality is Key

As an employee, reporting harassment can be terrifying. People tend not to speak up if they are scared. As an employer, you want to eliminate their fear and allow the space for employees to speak honestly without apprehension.

Being transparent about the confidentiality of making a report provides a safety net for those that may need to muster up the courage to speak out. In the employee handbook, there should be a clear outline of the confidentiality process to hold employees and employers accountable.

4. Repercussions & Consequences

Regardless of severity, every complaint should be handled seriously with the utmost care and respect. The faster HR bullying investigations begin after a reported claim, the better. Expediency proves to your employees that they matter and their issues won’t get swept under the rug. Especially in cases of bullying, this can provide them great peace of mind. You want your employee to know you’ve got their back.

When resolving these incidents, the consequences should be just and proportional to the incident in question. The more bullying claims are made, investigated and resolved, the likelihood of repeat offenders drops significantly.

5. Workplace Culture

As leaders, you often see the business from a birds-eye view. Minute details are easy to miss while juggling all the responsibilities of leading a team and running a business. At Pivot HR, we understand you wear many hats as a business owner. That’s why we provide a range of HR services, so you don’t have to juggle more responsibilities than you already have. Let our team take the complexities of your business’s HR policies and investigations off your plate.

A company that practices what they preach will more easily gain employee trust. Instilling these values within the company culture is the most effective way to implement your anti-bullying policies.

Think of this as your frontline defender – when open, honest communication is a value of your company, your employees should feel more comfortable speaking up in distress. Committing to a company culture that values respect and open, honest communication will benefit your business’s longevity in the long run.

Using Pivot HR’s services can help you proactively address bullying and harassment in your workplace, so you can focus on creating a culture that values safety and respect.

Bottom Line

These are only a few ways to ensure employees feel safe coming to work. From conflict resolution to one-on-one/group coaching opportunities, Pivot HR tailors our anti-bullying and harassment services to meet your company’s needs.

If you have any questions, contact our team today! We’d love to hear from you.

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