4 HR Best Practices

human resources best practices

Are you on top of HR best practices?

Whether you’re a brand new business, established organization, or an ever-growing non-for-profit, human resources is an essential part of building and maintaining your foundation. HR is an incredibly diverse field that deals with just about every aspect of people management, and without the best practices in place, you can quickly find yourself amassing more problems than solutions!

At Pivot HR, we’re proud to offer comprehensive HR support services to clients across our home province of British Columbia, as well as throughout Canada. Below, we’ll cover 4 major best practices that can help you make a huge difference at the office. Read on to learn more!

1. Creating a Safe, Efficient Workplace

It may sound overly simplistic, but the reality is, in today’s world, creating a workplace that’s truly efficient and safe for everyone can be more difficult than you think. If you’ve been noticing productivity beginning to lag, or your team seems to be issuing frequent complaints and you’re unsure as to why, workplace investigations can be a fantastic way to uncover the facts and present a new path forward.

2. Managing Management Styles

Everyone has different learning styles, as well as leadership skills, and it’s important to make sure that those in positions of direct power are using their authority to the benefit of your organization and all people involved. Follow HR best practices by developing clear guidelines, and providing access to learning opportunities and resources that give your managers the support they need when it matters most, and you’ll find that you eliminate a multitude of problems before they even have the chance to surface.

3. Performance and Reward Metrics

Every company will have a different way of evaluating employee performance, as well as governing resulting reward structures. With that being said, one important HR best practice is to have clear guidelines that make such performance metrics and goal posts transparent for all parties involved. By removing ambiguity, you make it easier for everyone to rise to the challenge and succeed in their roles, as well as take the pressure off yourself when it comes to staying on top of raises, bonuses, and other forms of compensation.

4. Leadership Development

The strongest teams know how to develop their leaders from within by carefully honing talent and providing invaluable resources in the form of leadership coaching and more. By investing in your team and teaching them how to truly step into their full potential, you’ll inspire far better results, as well as be far more likely to get a long-term investment back from them.

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