Creating a Culture of Belonging: The Advantages of Diversity and Inclusion Training

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Gen Z has been slowly trickling out of universities and colleges and entering the professional world in the past few years. Many Gen Z, especially those in the USA, are the first of their generation to experience the American Dream promised to their immigrant parents. Having robust DEI initiatives in place will make your business stand out and attract top talent.

This young generation of workers are more demanding of their employers to meet specific diversity, equity and inclusion requirements— and rightfully so! This generation has proven to be deeply empathetic due to growing up in the digital age and being exposed to diverse voices and opinions.

Pivot HR is here to help businesses in both the private and public sectors attract and retain this younger generation of employees. Keep reading to learn how!

What is DEI training?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training is exactly how it sounds; it prioritizes building a corporate workforce and culture that reflects our world. Proper DEI initiatives create a safe, inclusive and diverse workplace. Time and again, we have seen that diverse offices have increased productivity, stronger creative problem-solving, and, most importantly, increased retention of high performers.

Meeting Gen Z’s Expectations

If you want to hire the younger generation to grow with your company, your business must meet certain expectations. Gen Z looks for the following characteristics in a business environment:

  • Similar Values: The best thing a business can do to attract Gen Z is to be open and transparent about its values. The majority of Gen Z is far more likely to apply for a position at a job that is aligned with their values and beliefs. If your business makes it clear that you prioritize
  • Authenticity is Appreciated: There is an inaccurate assumption that Gen Z lacks professionalism. That isn’t true; rather, they want the opportunity to be their authentic selves at work without being punished, where their voices and ideas are heard and valued, not silenced.
  • Promote DEI Initiatives: This young generation wants to see the real world reflected in their office. That looks like diverse leadership with men and women at the helm, people of colour in positions of power, colleagues with diverse life experiences, equal pay for equal work, and so on.

Implementing DEI in the Workplace

Pivot HR Services offers Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training programs to businesses in Canada and the United States, both in-person and virtually. We can do in-person training sessions at your workplace in Vancouver, Toronto, and Southern California.

Pivot HR’s comprehensive training programs cover topics such as:

  • Understanding Unconscious Bias
  • How to Create a Respectful Workplace Culture
  • Psychological Safety
  • The Inhibitors and Enablers of Inclusion
  • The Difference Between Micro-aggressions and Micro-Affirmations
  • Inclusive Behavior Checklist
  • And more!

The Pivot Difference

While Pivot HR has standard DEI training programs, we prefer custom-tailoring the training objectives to the business’s specific DEI needs. The companies and organizations that regularly work with Pivot HR to provide annual DEI training have reported great success rates in turning their corporate culture around.

If your organization has difficulty attracting and retaining Gen Z employees, it might be time to call Pivot HR for a DEI training session to help reset the corporate culture.

Ready to make a change? Contact Pivot HR today to learn more about the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion training.

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