Cultivating a Healthy Culture: The Pivot HR Workplace Investigation Advantage

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Have you noticed the organizational culture of the office is off? Are you concerned about the workplace culture growing toxic but cannot identify the root cause? When conflicts arise in the workplace, internal investigations can lead to dead ends due to unconscious biases and personal relationships clouding the facts.

Outsourcing a workplace investigation to an external consultant may seem unconventional or uncomfortable. Still, there are many reasons it is in the company’s and culture’s best interest. Pivot HR Services conducts daily workplace investigations for clients of varying sizes in the public and private sectors.

Continue reading to learn why outsourcing workplace investigations to a Pivot HR consultant will save your business time, money and headaches.

Impartial, Professional and Confidential

Maintaining a healthy, positive and productive workplace culture is a careful balancing act that can be destroyed by one rotten root. Bringing in an external HR consultant prevents the facts being clouded with emotion.

When internal members conduct workplace investigations, there is a strong likelihood that those meetings are not strictly confidential. Someone may discuss the situation with an uninvolved person(s), which can swiftly add fuel to the rumour mill.

Employees tend to be more forthcoming when speaking to an external consultant because of their impartiality and promise of confidentiality.

Experts with Education & Experience

Pivot HR’s team of consultants are highly educated and experienced human resources professionals who conduct workplace investigations every single day. We have run the gamut of every type of workplace investigation you can imagine. We know to expect the unexpected.

Suppose your office culture is slowly degrading due to an unidentified issue. In that case, Pivot’s consultants have the experience and expertise to identify it swiftly and advise the next steps for course correction.

Outsourcing Saves Time, Money and Resources

We have a saying regarding workplace investigations: expect the unexpected. Workplace investigations tend to go on longer than expected, depending on the severity of the concerns. Perhaps the issue originally surrounded two or three employees, but after further interviews, it’s clear more people were involved, which happens more often than you may expect!

Conducting proper investigations takes abundant time, effort and attention to detail. Many small business leaders don’t have enough time in the day to complete their daily duties and perform an investigation.

Hiring an outsourced workplace investigation consultant is the ideal solution because their job is exclusively devoted to uncovering the heart of the matter. Whether it takes days, weeks or even months, Pivot HR’s consultants are in for the long run.

All Businesses Need HR, No Matter the Size

There’s a common misconception that small businesses don’t need a human resources department because there aren’t enough employees to justify it. That is not true. No matter the size of the business, interpersonal conflicts are an inevitability.

Managers and leadership must be proactive when they hear murmurings of toxic behaviour in the workplace. We strongly advise outsourcing workplace investigations, and Pivot HR Services is the top choice for North American businesses of all sizes.

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