From Allegations to Action: Pivot HR’s Expert Approach to Workplace Findings

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There are a million reasons why workplace investigations may take place, whether it’s looking into employee misconduct, finding a resolution to interpersonal conflicts, or a more severe matter like sexual harassment. Workplace investigations are best conducted by a third-party human resources agency, like Pivot HR, to ensure unbiased findings.

In a previous blog, we discussed how Pivot HR consultants conduct workplace investigation interviews and deep dive into what that process looks like. Let’s look at how Pivot HR assesses information, develops our key findings, and makes recommendations for resolution and a path forward.

Keep reading to learn how Pivot HR concludes workplace investigations.

Assessing the Information

Once we are confident that all necessary interviews have occurred, we start to connect the dots. In workplace investigations, each party has their subjective version of the truth; the HR consultant’s job is to find the objective truth somewhere in the middle.

This is when our specialists hunker down and examine the information collected from the interviews. We cross reference the alleged misconduct with the company’s existing policies and procedures to discern where the fault lies and the severity of the resolution.

Pivot HR’s fact-finding process is all about checks and balances to ensure sound findings. Once we have reached a firm conclusion, we develop a list of recommendations and a path forward to present to leadership or a board of directors.

Presenting the Investigation’s Findings

After the assessment, Pivot HR’s consultant will present their findings to the board or executive committee member overseeing the investigation. Depending on the organization, this is presented either in person or through email. The member overseeing the investigation often had no direct involvement until this point.

Painting the Picture

To begin, we lay out the situation plainly:

  • Who is involved?
  • What was the initial allegation?
  • The timeline of events
  • The collected testimonies and evidence

The HR consultant will reference the organization’s policies and procedures, and their definition of harassment and bullying in the workplace.

Recommended Resolutions

After that, we provide a list of recommendations for possible paths forward. That could be additional training, counselling for the individuals involved, suspension, or, in the worst-case scenario, termination. Additionally, we can offer guidance on revamping internal policies and procedures.

However, our job is to provide the client with the evidence and our recommendations for resolution, but the client ultimately decides the final outcome.

Closing the Feedback Loop

A critical component of workplace investigations that often gets forgotten is closing the feedback loop and following up with the involved parties. People want closure, especially on sensitive matters that involve them. At this point, we also provide the individual with support options, like counselling or additional training.

All investigations are confidential, but we share what we can. The involved parties deserve to know what actions are being taken, if only for their peace of mind. Accountability is essential; employees deserve to see leadership taking these issues seriously.

Confidential & Respectful Workplace Investigation Consultants

Pivot HR takes great pride in workplace investigations and our ability to uncover the truth. Located in Vancouver and Toronto, Pivot HR is the best choice for Canadian businesses looking to outsource their workplace investigation to a third party. We offer both remote and in-person services to businesses of any size across Canada.

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