Law Firm Case Study: Overhauling the HR Department and Strategizing for Growth

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Pivot HR works with diverse clients like crown corporations, private businesses, and non-profit organizations. We work across industries, from the financial sector and law firms to small businesses and golf clubs.

Regardless of industrial differences, all businesses require one thing: human resources. We specialize in people management, regardless of the industry or business size. If you have employees, you need HR. However, not all businesses are large enough to afford or require a full-time, in-house human resources department.

Pivot HR’s diverse clientele shows the universal need for a human resources department, regardless of industry or organization. We can take on your business’s entire HR function, from day-to-day operations like payroll and recruitment to more involved tasks like conflict management and policy development.

Case Study: Local Law Firm

As a local law firm prepared for the next growth stage in their business, they searched for a reputable HR agency that could be trusted with their entire HR function. In order for the business to sustain its growth, the bad habits, practices and policies of the old HR department needed to be redesigned. Out with the old, in with the new!

When the law firm engaged Pivot HR’s services, we were brought in to manage the day-to-day operations and completely overhaul the entire human resources department from the top down.

There was one major issue the firm needed Pivot HR’s expertise to correct: the Administrative department had a turnover rate of nearly 100%, which cost the company thousands of dollars. All the fires had to be put out before the law firm could begin to grow.

How We Helped

Pivot’s highly experienced team of HR consultants developed a strategic plan designed to streamline efficiencies, build capacity and increase retention across the HR and Administrative departments.

The three-point action plan was this:

  1. Enact a policy manual to standardize employment practices
  2. Onboard an HR Information System that efficiently tracks employee data and assists in the recruiting process
  3. Introduce an incentive pay system to increase productivity and morale

After careful implementation, Pivot HR successfully reversed the firm’s retention issues, saving the company significant amounts of time and money. Thanks to Pivot’s successful mitigation efforts, the law firm was able to meet its growth goals and continue to flourish today.

Bottom Line

Outsourcing an entire human resources department to a third-party consulting agency like Pivot HR potentially saved that law firm tens of thousands of dollars in staffing costs alone.

With HR professionals located in Vancouver and Toronto, Pivot HR is the obvious choice for businesses looking to optimize their HR department and thus enhance their entire company. A healthy HR department that protects both employees and employers is the secret backbone of the entire business.

If you are looking to streamline operations, save money, and increase employee retention, contact Pivot HR Services today.

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