Uncovering the Truth: Navigating High-Stakes Workplace Investigations in Vancouver with Pivot HR

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There’s no two ways around it: workplace investigations are difficult to navigate, even if they seem cut and dry. Workplace investigations take a mental, emotional and sometimes even physical toll on the affected parties. This is especially true when there is a power imbalance between the alleged perpetrator and victim.

Pivot HR often consults on workplace investigations regarding:

  • Bullying, harassment & discrimination claims
  • Sexual harassment
  • Conflict resolution
  • Employee misconduct
  • Policy breaches

Continue reading to learn more about how Pivot HR navigates workplace investigations involving power imbalances.

Pivot HR’s Workplace Investigation Protocol

As seasoned HR professionals, our consultants conduct discreet and confidential workplace investigations every single day. Over the years, we have learned to expect the unexpected in workplace investigations.

We interview the involved individuals and potential witnesses to uncover the facts and reveal the underlying problems. Depending on the circumstances and what is revealed in the interviews, investigations can snowball and grow larger, involving many more people than initially expected.

These snowballing revelations are especially common when the allegations are against an executive or high-level manager. Typically, the higher an individual is, the more witnesses are involved and interviewed.

Navigating Investigations with Power Imbalances

Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of workplace investigations, hiring a third-party human resources agency like Pivot HR is best to ensure an unbiased approach. At Pivot HR, we firmly believe that all investigations should be handled with the same level of care. We do our due diligence regardless of who is involved, whether they’re an executive or a frontline employee.

We also recognize there is more at stake when allegations are directed towards a C-level individual; the repercussions are more severe. False allegations can have a detrimental impact on one’s career, reputation and life— for either party!

Pivot HR’s number one goal in all investigations is to uncover the truth and find a path forward. However, we employ a more nuanced approach to conducting investigations involving parties of high stature.

Gathering Evidence and Presenting the Truth

Workplace investigations can take place over a series of months, depending on the severity of the allegation, the number of witnesses and the individuals involved. While conducting these interviews, we seek to gather as much factual evidence as possible to develop an educated, well-proven finding.

After all interviews have been conducted, we deep dive into the organization’s handbook to review its policies, procedures, and how the company defines harassment in the workplace. We will cross-reference the internal information with the gathered evidence and develop a presentation for the board of directors.

Pivot HR’s consultants can only provide recommendations on how to proceed; the ultimate outcome is determined by the board of directors or company leadership.

Is Your Vancouver Business in Need of a Workplace Investigation?

Pivot HR Services is a Vancouver-based HR agency offering exceptional professional Human Resources consulting services to businesses of all sizes across Canada. We are the top choice for workplace investigations because of our unbiased approach, years of experience, and focused dedication.

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