Outsourcing Human Resources: Why Toronto Businesses Choose Pivot HR’s Retainer Model

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In Toronto’s fast-paced, ever-changing business landscape, proper human resources management plays a critical role in the success of any organization. The impact of a dependable Human Resources department cannot be overstated, from recruiting top talent and onboarding new employees to conducting exit interviews.

HR plays a significant role in every aspect of a company, but only some businesses can afford to hire a full or part-time HR Professional. Thankfully, there are HR agencies that offer outsourcing services, like Pivot HR Services.

Continue reading to learn what Toronto business owners can expect when outsourcing with Pivot HR’s consulting services.

Why Trust Pivot HR?

Pivot HR Services is a Vancouver-based consulting agency that offers strategic HR services to businesses of all sizes. We proudly serve a diverse list of clientele like crown corporations, non-profit organizations, private organizations and unionized businesses.

Pivot HR’s business model has four pillars: personalized attention, timely delivery, affordable pricing, and superior quality of service. Pivot HR’s team consists of highly educated and experienced Human Resources professionals at the top of their game. Nothing phases our team of specialists; we have seen it all and know exactly how to help.

Tailored Services Based on Organization Size

The services an organization requires will differ depending on factors like the age of the business, number of employees, type of industry, union status, and so on. A small private company with less than 20 employees requires vastly different services than a unionized crown corporation with over 1000 employees.

Pivot HR offers the following services:

  • Managing recruitment and hiring
  • Streamlining payroll procedures
  • Managing the HRIS system
  • HR advisor for strategic decision-making
  • Disciplinary measures and conflict resolution
  • Workplace investigations
  • Corporate training
  • Visit our HR Services page for a comprehensive list of Pivot HR’s offerings

Retainer Flexibility: Meeting Client Needs

A major perk to outsourcing your organization’s HR functions to Pivot HR is that our consultants can be offsite to manage the day-to-day tasks of HR. Many of HR’s everyday responsibilities can be completed remotely, removing the overhead costs of hiring an in-house full-time HR professional.

We offer both in-office and remote services; the frequency of your Pivot HR consultant’s presence in the office can be discussed in the retainer agreement. This arrangement provides greater flexibility for both the client and the consultant. In rare cases, clients have stipulated a requirement to have Pivot’s consultant in-house a few times a month, but our services are handled remotely in most cases.

Ad Hoc Services: Filling the Gaps

Pivot HR offers ad hoc services to provide additional support to address specific needs and circumstances. Many small businesses and startups do not require a full-time HR department but instead use Pivot HR to fill gaps.

Outsource Your HR Department with Pivot HR

Outsourcing your business’s Human Resources department to Pivot HR Services is the premier solution for small to medium-sized businesses requiring an HR department but not having the staff to justify a full-time, in-house team.

If you are a Toronto business searching for an HR Consulting agency to handle your organization’s human resources department, look no further than Pivot HR. We are the premier choice for Canadian businesses searching for an in-house HR solution on a set retainer.

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